Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lifted up

I had a really uplifting day.  We went out in the john boat (which is an aluminum flat bottom boat made for fishing the shallow creeks around here) just after the sun rose.  We trolled along a shell bank on the way to our "honey hole" and hooked a spotted sea trout.

Then we got to The Spot on the first of the ebb tide.  There were large spot tail bass just rolling in the mouth of the creek.  We caught three that were around 6 pounds before the dropping tide made us move to a deeper location nearby.  We continued to catch nice fish through the dropping tide.  In total, we caught 7 nice spot tails, releasing all of our catch after getting the hook out of the lip.  The fun is in letting them go back to the others and say, "Hey, you know what.  I had a terrible adventure but survived. There are things out there that look like something good to eat, but actually they carry sharp points that stick in the lip.  Then you get pulled on and eventually lifted out of the water. So beware."

The morning on the water was just what I needed.  The clapper rails were making their raucous noise, the oyster catchers were walking about on their stilted legs, and the sun was warm on our backs.  The oyster reefs were exposed so we continued to fish the deeper holes.  We ended up with 7 spot tail bass for the morning.  Not bad since we were having a good time regardless.

After we got home from fishing and got the boat cleaned up,  I drove to the boat yard to check on Sojourner.  The final painting of the cove and boot stripes will be done this week.  And her name will be put on the stern along with the hailing port. We are getting close to being done at the boat yard.  It seems that it has taken a long time to get this done, but actually it hasn't been but three weeks. Anyway,  more on the boat moving journey to the marina when that occurs.

Tonight I went to the study group meeting in which we finished up Tradition 12.  We have gone through the 12 steps and 12 traditions in Paths to Recovery and will be starting on the 12 Concepts of Service next week.  I am pleased that we have had a core group of 5 that have stuck with this study.  We used to have more people but once we finished the steps and moved to the traditions, people kind of drifted away.  I think that this is the only group in two Districts that is studying the Concepts.  I may do some posts on the concepts in the future.

So for today, I feel a renewal of energy.  Maybe what I needed was a morning in the salt air, a look at my new boat, and a meeting to get me recharged.  I am not giving up blogging by the way. I simply want to write something that has some connection to life in recovery.  I will strive to do that, although I know that I will throw in some of life's adventures as well.  After all, that is also a part of recovery.


  1. nice. i enjoyed the fish tales...i like to think they say the same..lol. while i am not in a recovery group i do have a group of families i meet with each week...and having that core group that gets together is huge in my life...

  2. What a neat idea you have about the fish returning and telling of the harrowing adventure they had, and survived to tell about. I've thought of them being grateful, perhaps, but I like your idea even better.

    I knew you weren't planning on leaving, btw, (as my comment may have seemed to say otherwise) I just got on a roll with my 'R's and added 'return' because I couldn't be stopped :)

  3. aaah, the fresh air, no wonder you're feeling rejuvenated!

  4. I didn't know that fish talked to each other like that.
    Learn somethin' every day.

  5. I enjoy whatever you write about, but your recovery writing is always right on target for me.


  6. I enjoyed your fishing story and tell dAAve that yes, fish do talk. Haven't you guys ever seen the movie, NEMO?...jeez, you men don't know what you are missing out on with not having little kiddos around (smiles).

    I know nothing about the concepts and would love to read posts from you about them. Thanks for sharing, as always.

    PS You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of God's world. (I am a bit jealous)

  7. I love it that you let the fish go back home to the sea, Syd - Thank you!

  8. I'm having a similar balancing issue with life's adventures, blogging, life's chores, recovery... I'm not getting around to my blog friends like I used to and I'm missing that camaraderie you describe. I hit a meeting every day but I'm not doing much fellowship outside of meetings. I'm also having trouble finding words to communicate.
    But reading about your fishing day and getting recharged by it was uplifting. It reminds me that there's an ebb and flow to life as well as to tidal waters. Nothing is stagnant in life for people who are actively living. An old-timer I once knew ended every one of his commentaries with "Go with the flow," and I guess that's what we're doing. And the flow is continually changing.

  9. Yep. Your life is living proof and example of recovery and as such, it is good for you to write about it, for us to hear about it.

  10. Sounds like a great day!
    Don't you dare give up blogging. I get so much insight from your entries...I've noticed the same thing with a drop-off of people once a 12th Step Study is finished and the Traditions begin. It's too bad because they are really the backbone that keeps us going and if people could just stop and study them they might find it's a wonderful way to live your life.


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