Monday, October 18, 2010

Missing something

I have just gotten home from one of the Power Squadron classes that I'm taking.  I have to say that I'll be glad when I won't be taking classes in the evening.  These two classes are enjoyable, but I will be glad when I can get back to going to more meetings and not be on the road so late at night. 

I feel as if I have drifted a bit apart from my meetings.  I miss my home group.  I also have to finish up a service commitment with the Tuesday night group that meets about 45 minutes from me before I can go back to the new Tuesday night group that is much closer. 

I seem to stay busy every day with something. In fact, I am actually busy with many things.  Tomorrow C. and I are going out in the john boat to fish.  It promises to be another beautiful day.  And after fishing, I will head over to make the 7 PM meeting.

I seem to be going through a period in which I am feeling a bit burned out.  I'm sure that this will pass.  But at the moment,  I seem to not have much to write about.  I am feeling that much of what I wanted to say has been written already.  Maybe this is my version of writer's slump.

I also don't seem to have as much time to catch up on what you are writing and that bothers me.  I think that the give and take with this blog thing is what keeps it going.  I read what you write, make a comment, and then you read what I write and make a comment.   It's not a given but just seems like a good way to stay connected. I am feeling less and less inclined to be connected lately.  This will likely pass and energy will be regained. 

Maybe it's time for me to put First Things First and not try to keep up.  I think that if I spend too much time reading and writing, I won't be getting other things that seem necessary completed.  Hence, the burnout.  So if I'm not around here every day or commenting to you as frequently as I used to,  it isn't that I don't care but that I'm getting sidetracked by life.  Maybe that isn't a bad thing. 


  1. Completely understand where you're coming from, Syd. I imagine if we take a break and refocus for a while, we'll all still be here after that :)

  2. getting 'sidetracked by life' is inevitable. I am hoping for a better schedule next semester so I can return to my home group, too. Between my school and my son's school, the pickings are slim when it comes to meetings. I've found a nice open AA group on Friday nights that I can get to and enjoy, but besides that....nada.

    Regroup, relax, re-energize & return when ready.

  3. Seems like you are taking care of youself today. Learning to let go of the frenzy of activity has always been a balance for me. I always have to do something to be productive, work, write, call, etc etc
    Damn I am just getting tired writing this.
    Grateful that I have the rooms this is my top priority all else follows.

  4. I have been in a mental conundrum for a bit. Nothing earth shattering but it got me a bit off center and I knew something was amiss. It finally hit me at 3 a.m. this morning as I clean the house since hubby will be back after 3 weeks in a few hours. I can't be me if I am too busy being you. (collective you) So if I wait till the last minute on some things then work like crazy and it gets done. Well, that is how I roll today. That's me. I hope you have a grand, cozy time fishing today with C.


  5. i think we all have to set our own boundaries...and expectations...and not project them on others....there are more important things than blogging....

  6. Been there, done that, Syd. Imagine I will again.

    It passes - everything passes. When it is something beautiful that passes, it is so very sad. When it is something not so good that passes, it is wonderful.

    I always appreciate your comments to me. I know that sometimes I just can't read all the blogs I might want to, but I've learned we just do the best we can and our true friends (in the real or blog world) hang in there.


  7. I would say that you are the most faithful blogger out there. I can understand if you would need to scale back on that. I had to do that a couple of years ago and it helped me keep blogging. Otherwise I would have had to quit. It began to feel like "all give and no receive," and that leads me to trouble.

  8. Keeping blogging in perspective is being healthy. We all have to do that. Take care of yourself. Enjoy your days of fishing and get the most out of school while you have it.

  9. I find that after I make announcements like this on my blog, something happens and I write, write, write.
    Life gets busy. Gotta attend to it. It's okay.
    We know you're there, taking care of business.

  10. We understand, Syd. It happens. Life demands a lot of us. Don't sweat it.

  11. Looks like you are getting ready to start a new chapter. Do what seems right for you right now - I am just so grateful to have stumbled upon your blog and enjoy reading your reflections on life and Al Anon. You shine a torch for a great many of us out here. Best wishes.

  12. well i think it is a very healthy foray into new life chapters. but yes the loss in programme connection is inevitable. also it is more of an effort to explain oneself further down the recovery road. so (i think) it is a more arduous task to explain oneself in posts after a while.
    well ultimately, the ppl that matter dont mind and the ppl that mind dont matter.
    It is very hard to write everyday. especially when you are detailed, logical, fair minded etc. rather than writing the first thing that comes into your head.
    So do what works for you, and dont feel guilty.
    but yes many including me enjoy reading what you say, and you carry a great message, very conscientiously.
    but yeah, the new boat and everything is a big task! so you are as busy as ever :) tricky..
    mull it over and just take a break if you feel the urge. try it and see how you feel. :)

  13. You are one reliable blogger, Syd, and I will miss following your daily perspective.

    Writing is a discipline. But it is good to let it live too, and drinking deeply from life, requires ample time offline.

    Besides, this is about the best time of year to be outside, in the Southeast. I am in the same boat, though, not literally in a boat...

    Although I nearly sunk mine a few days ago.... Your program is on a more even keel!

  14. To paraphrase a comment you left on my blog, when I was going through a period of not knowing what to write, or feeling much like doing so was any help - we appreciate whatever you say, whenever you say it.
    Be kind to yourself, and enjoy your life.

  15. totally know what you mean, i am stealing some time right now to catch up on blogs. i haven't had many people stopping by my blog and i know it is because i have not had the time to stop by theirs in turn.

    today i posted twice, looking for a green unicorn for my bean and got some great help, also some roofers invaded my street. like 3 companies came out looking to get some work. crazy days here. take it easy and remember you are retired now, it shouldn't be this busy huh?

  16. I know what you mean about not being able to read, write, and comment as much as you would like to.

    Last month, I got to that point and it started to become a chore for me to read so many blog posts...not because I didn't want to but because there wasn't enough time in the day to do so. I was getting stressed out by it - by my limitations, by life's natural limits.

    That is when I realized, like Brian said, I had to set some realistic boundaries and expectations for MYSELF.

    Since then, I have scaled back on the blogs I follow, post when the spirit moves me to do so, and catch up on everyone's posts by reading them every few days, which is why you'll notice me commenting on 3 or 4 of your posts all on the same day. It seems to be working out better for me this way.

    I love what C. said in her comment and I totally agree: "we appreciate whatever you say, whenever you say it.
    Be kind to yourself, and enjoy your life."

    Right now, I am working really hard (with God's strength and grace) to be kind to myself and enjoy life, too. I think it is starting to happen... :)


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