Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exams and miscellaneous junk

I am busy this week with the exams for the two courses that I have taken with the Power Squadron.  One that I got last night is a 13 page take home exam that is due in a week.  Lots of calculations and problems to solve.  I have been hunkered down for most of the day working on it.  Ironically, the plotting part of the exam involves a fishing trip with numerous way points to a favorite fishing hole.  I like the practical application of what I've studied!

I did manage to get out on this beautifully cloudy day for a break to take some photographs of the fall foliage here.  It certainly isn't as spectacular as what many of you are used to, but it is what the lowcountry has to offer.  And personally I like the hues and that the oaks keep their green leaves during the winter.  So here is what I saw as I had a few moments of "mental health" from working on the exam problems:

The path beside the wetland next to the house

The front green

Fall vegetables nestled in their mulched beds

Cleome provide color to the flower beds

The variety of bird feeders provide feeding stations for birds and squirrels as well as the occasional possum

The front walk leading up to the house
Although I may be a bit scarce at your blogs this week, I am hoping that all is going well.  My favorite quote of the day that will be much appreciated by Mrs. Bastard and Mrs Moon was from a man, John Tyner,  who was asked to submit to a body scan at the airport.  Now it seems that holiday travelers will have an exciting adventure as they get scanned or patted down in addition to being subjected to long lines and interminable delays.

Anyway, Mr. Tyner decided that he didn't want a body scan, no doubt fearing that some TSA guy/woman would be laughing at him in all of his scanned naked glory.  So he said that he would agree to have a pat down (=grope down).  When the TSA official began the pat down of his groin area, the passenger said, "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested." He said that he would not be groped.

I am with you John.  I think that I am very glad to be staying home and not traveling by air this holiday season.  Groping has its place but airports don't seem to be it.  But inquiring minds want to know when "junk" changed its meaning from discarded material, or a slang word for heroin, to referring to male genitalia.  I must have missed that definition along the way. 

Check with you later.  C. has asked me to take a load of junk to the dump.


  1. nope not a big fan of being groped at the airport...what abou thte body sniffer...just a little too intimate...

  2. Your walk looks BEAUTIFUL!

    The information about the TSA security scans/pat-downs has been brought up in a few blogs I read.

    It's getting harder to feel privacy in the world regulated by government. It seems the more things happen in the shadow of government regulated programming the more regulations and rules and laws are created to fix it and then we become aware of more problems and well the cycle it seems doesn't end.

    We live in an imperfect world that we are trying to make perfectly safe, perfectly developed, perfectly appropriated, and it seems the more Utopian we attempt to get through regulations and laws the more complicated and imperfect the world becomes. I'm glad we have simple unchanging principles and a God of our understanding who empowers us to live simply through the practice of simple naturally governing principles :)

  3. I read his account and I think I may never want to fly anywhere again. Maybe I'll keep the motorcycle after all, and just boot around that way.

  4. Hello my friend, sorry I've been away! I really enjoyed seeing a bit more of the Syd and C plantation, lovely this time of year, no doubt!

    Good luck on your exams, what a reward for doing well on a test, to locate a favorite fishing area! I am cramming for my real estate licensing exam presently, fun fun!

  5. Good luck on the exams. I'm sure you will ace it all. Your photos are lovely and everything looks so peaceful.

  6. Yes, Syd. I did like that. And yeah- what's up with that usage of "junk"?
    Beautiful pictures. Who's the main gardener in your house? Someone is doing a very good job.

  7. Syd,
    That was a great quote. That dude is my hero. I say "junk" all the time when referring to sexy parts.



  8. We have no plans to join the long lines at airports and submit to scans and groping. We have our own idea of groping and plan of continuing our own at home.

  9. You're walk looks so peaceful! I hope to one day have a garden like yours. I have never had a green thumb but I'm hoping it comes in age. (Thats what my mom told me)

    I feel you on the exams. I have four weeks left of fall semester classes and cannot wait for a break! Good luck on your exams!

  10. Those take home tests are always the most difficult! Loved the pics!

  11. I am planning on traveling this Christmas and I've been somewhat concerned about some slight kidney pain. Maybe going through the airport I can order the full body scan sent to my doctor. MRI's are so expensive. Looking for the good in everything. :) Love your fall pictures. And yes...all is well here.

  12. And, of course, there's an alternative meaning to "dump" as well.
    Those pictures are lovely. Your living environment is fantastic. I'm not at all surprised.


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