Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home fires burning

This photo is of our main source of heat on the boat, excluding snuggling and body warmth. It is a small propane fireplace with a blower.

Last night it was a good thing to knock the chill off with the little heater. And this morning it felt really good as I got out of the bunk to start my day. The old dog appreciates it as well because her bed is right beneath the heater. She didn't move much but just quivered the tip of her tail in greeting.

I feel at home on the boat and have a strong connection to her already. She is warm and welcoming. Her teak is shiny and her brass lamps gleam. I think she is my sanctuary. I am lucky to have a home that sustains my spirit and this boat that is also a refuge. She is another home of sorts--smaller, intimate and cozy.

I have wondered what I need a refuge from. But to analyze that seems burdensome today. I know that I simply need a place to have solitude. I am comfortable with that. It is satisfying for me to just be right now. I am grateful to have gotten to a place in recovery where just being is possible.

Human being and not human doing seems like a good thing today. Who knows-- I might even take a nap in an hour or so. Hope that you are enjoying your Saturday.


  1. How nice for you to have that cozy second home. Some solitude is good for everyone's spirit.

    Always enjoy stopping by your blog.

    Hope your nap was nice and long!

  2. She's your nest. You cozy little on-the-water nest.

  3. Maybe it's not a refuge "from", but a refuge "to."


    And, you have earned it.

  4. Refuge is a fine word and a nice concept, given what's happening "out there." One of our refuges is the absence of television. Sounds like a really nice warm energy flowing for you. Our new little hippie cottage's new doors and windows are keeping us really well-insulated. Same enjoyment back to you this weekend.

  5. I know that I simply need a place to have solitude. I am comfortable with that. It is satisfying for me to just be right now. Wyat a great place to be, Syd. It sounds like you are finding true serenity.

  6. heheh how chilled out are you syd? you sound practically horizontal :)

  7. A cozy warm place is home, so your boat is for sure your second home.

  8. Cozy and comforting thoughts today!

    Homefires buring and a small, simply appointed space of solitude.

    Have an awesome day!

  9. Wow, I would like a heater like that in my house. Have a great week!

  10. Found you today through Mary Christine's blog. Glad you're online with your program!

    Double Winner in Washington State


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