Monday, January 31, 2011

Good times and photos to share

We got back from our excursion today.  It was a good time.  We walked on the beach, built a camp fire that lasted all day and into the night,  met up with old friends, made some new friends, slept peacefully and ate well.  I don't have any great revelations, other than to say that I could easily spend most of my time on this boat and be happy.  I am completely in love with her. 

So here are a few photos from what we did this weekend.   I am too tired to share much else.  It was such a good time.   Have a good evening.

Sojourner as the sun sets

Windswept beach

Getting ready to roast hot dogs

Getting the fire ready with some help from my old girl

All three of our boats lined up at anchor

The marsh in all its winter glory

The old girl enjoying the warmth of the fire


  1. Thank you for sharing your photos.
    I sure hope "old girl" got a few hot dogs to munch while she kept you company.

  2. Beautiful, peaceful photos - and your gratitude comes through loudly and clearly.
    Thanks for this.

  3. awesome pictures :) love em :)
    lovely doggie :)

  4. Comes the spring and fair winds but be wary of the June blows through October. Enjoy the calm of winter.

  5. Your middle picture really puzzled me until I realized that your "old girl" was, indeed, your dog. With my poor eyes I didn't distinguish her mouth from what she had in it and it looked like she was some kind of wild sheep with an extra long snout !!
    Lovely are blessed.

  6. You have much to be grateful for Syd.

    You have a large life, filled with many blessings.

  7. i tell you what the first pic of the boats says enough gorgeous...and i like the hot dog pic...sounds like a nice time syd.

  8. What gorgeous pics and a generous spirit.

  9. Looks so magical. And I love your dog!


  10. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this experience with us, Syd.

  11. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I really enjoyed the ones of Old Girl.

    So glad you are enjoying the Sojourner. She is lovely.

    Love you much,


  12. Hard work, honesty, using your tools have brought you to this place. Cool.

  13. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the skewered hot dog.


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