Friday, January 28, 2011


On Thursday, I left to go on a trip to an island up the coast. This is one of those remote coastal islands that is a Heritage Preserve. There are many trails and the beach is a boneyard of trees that have been eroded away.

It has been an interesting voyage thus far. The access to the island is shallow and last night, we had the misfortune to be grounded twice. The first time was on the outgoing tide which basically laid us at a 40 degree heel. Trying to stand and walk was difficult to say the least. After the boat righted on the incoming tide (after about a six hour wait), there was another grounding in a shallow area which I was able to get out of without much problem, not withstanding a lot of angst.

So finally at 4 AM this morning, we were able to anchor and get some much needed rest. After a few hours, I took my old Labrador to shore for a swim and bathroom break. We walked on the beach, and I gathered firewood for a roaring beach fire.

My reader says that I have 164 posts to read. I am beat and just finished up a dinner of snow crab. Maybe tomorrow, I will have more to say and more comments to make. For now, it is time for sleep.

I am also thinking of a friend who just landed in Cairo. She headed there for a two week vacation. With civil unrest, I am hoping she will be safe. What a time to choose to visit. It will be a visit not soon forgotten, I am sure.

Wishing you to be grounded within and not on a grounded boat.


  1. good grief! get some rest!!! that was a loooong day...

  2. A 40 degree heel...yes I have to agree that is pretty far. How did you and the Mrs enjoy wall walking?

  3. sometimes that happens and you just have to roll with it until your new tide comes in...get some rest syd...enjoy the journey...

  4. How nice to be out in nature even if only for a short time. If I try really hard my imagination can let me be there too. Wanting to escape my day here. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Those grounded boats can be hell. They remind us that there are definitely things we cannot control- the tides being one of the main ones.

  6. Your trip sounds like an adventure. Enjoy.

  7. I wanted to say that following your blog has inspired me to start my own about living with an active alcoholic and my progress in recovery. I hope you will check it out one day when you have time. Thanks!

  8. What an adventure, and the boat is up for it and apparently so are you. The snow crabs sound great. Your retirement days and nights are full of adventure. Great.

  9. Love what brian said! :)

    God be with your friend in Cairo, what an experience that will be.

    beach bonfire this weekend sounds really amazing. Thank God for a bit of warmer weather! :)

  10. who says being grounded is a good thing eh? lol I wish your friend well in Egypt.

    Also, I've got a lil award for you over at my blog

    be well Syd


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