Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signs of spring

There are some signs of spring now.  I have heard the spring peepers for several nights in a row.  The daffodils are coming up, and there are buds on some of the trees.  The raccoons have been mating like banshees in one of the large trees near the wetland.  I suspect that I will see little ones in time.

This has been a chilly winter, but I can't complain because there hasn't been piles of snow or blizzards or even a significant ice storm.  Just windy and chilly.  I am hoping that we at least have turned the corner on winter.  My cold frames are filled with plants for spring.  I am looking forward to getting into the garden and tilling up the raised beds, turning over the soil. 

I am working on a couple of small grant proposals that deal with cleaning up waterways and recycling at marinas here.  I see how many aluminum cans and bottles are thrown away at the marina where my boat is.  Not a single recycling container in sight.  I have talked to management about it but get the same tired answer--too much trouble, too much money.  Anyway, it is worth a shot to write a grant to at least post signs that encourage people to remove their recycled materials and not throw them in with the other trash.

I went to my home group meeting last night.  It was a step study on coming to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.  What a revelation it was for me to realize that there was a power greater than me.  I thought that I had all the answers, could solve things through sheer will power and determination.  It was a great relief to not have to try to solve the problems of others or to try to turn them into who I wanted them to be.  I wonder sometimes why I didn't realize much earlier that by doing the same things over and over and expecting different results, I was getting no where.  I was simply digging myself deeper into anxiety and despair (=insanity).

Ego is such a driver in so many ways.  It plays tricks with me, making me think that all is well and that I am in control.  So many times that has been proven to not be the case.  Yet, today with the sun shining and the buds on the trees,  I feel ready to meet the challenges of the day.  I simply remind myself that I can only change the things that I can and accept that there is much beyond my control.


  1. nice...cant wait for spring...and cool of you to do those grants the earth could use all the help she could get getting cleaned up...and i understand completely on the ego...

  2. I bet winter still has a couple of curves to throw at us.

    I see so much ego every day, sometimes out of control. Maybe I should stop looking in the mirror. LOL

  3. I was just commenting to my husband that I remember he made a smart and hurtful remark as I wrapped little gifts for our pets one Christmas. I proceeded to go into an internal rage (stuff it mode) and promptly got his gift wrapped chainsaw and threw it on the floor at his feet. I was crazy. I'm better. Ego run a muck. Am firing up the tractor today to enjoy the sun since snow will be here Thursday. Enjoy your weather.


  4. ah, so very well written, the second to last paragraph, i wish my teenager would read.

    spring buds?!? and three inches of snow ouside and promising to keep falling until tomorrow!! it is just beautiful outside....

  5. I went to my home group on Sunday. It was great to be there after several weeks away. I led on step one. Our powerlessness statement: I am powerless over my emotions... is such the challenge for newbies. Even more so than the Al-anon statement might be for newbies to accept.

    Thanks for the reminder about what delivers us from Step One. Maybe it is when we accept the help of a power greater than ourselves, that we become ready to accept powerlessness over other people, addictive substances and the power of human emotions..

    These Steps are not done in strict order are they? For me to give up control over my emotions, I need to believe that I am not alone.....

  6. Syd- The book Mr. Moon got was Flotsam and Jetsam by Robb White. Brother of one of my favorite authors, Bailey White.

  7. No sign of spring here yet I am hopeful....around here you get money for bottles and cans so if they get thrown by the wayside, someone always picks them up...

  8. I love the photo of the little frog. I am waiting for winter to come over here on the other side of the world. Though you would think it was winter with now I am dressed. I have long sleeves and long pants and socks and shoes. On the ward here it's pretty cold and my room is cold. I like to snuggle up under my blankets. I wish it were winter though because we don't get snow and it's pretty manageable. Sorry, I've been crapping on.

  9. We're at a taste over zero here in Nebraska, so it's nice to see spring peeking out somewhere.

    Tomorrow we're in for 13. Yay.

    But we're already planning for spring, siting critter habitats, getting the bikes ready to ride.

    It will be our first spring in the new pad. Looking forward to it.

  10. ...and i too am ready for the change in seasons. can't wait to wear a thick soft jersey.

  11. Thankyou for the good news, that signs of Spring have been sighted. It'll be awhile before it comes to CT, but it's nice to know that Spring is stirring in SC and on the way. It's still wintry here. The good news today, it's not stormy.

  12. I love that the peepers are out!

    The natural suggestions that are leading us to really look forward to spring and all the beauty and renewal of the lush colors and wonderful warmth of the spring and summer just give me a joyful anticipation.

    A power greater than me can use those sounds and smells to suggest good things to come, so why not believe in that power in ALL my affairs?

    :) Have an awesome day Syd!

  13. Letting go of the control over other people (or thinking that I actually had that control ! Ha.) was a great relief to me too. Just changing me is a big enough problem ... but well worth the effort.

  14. Great post, Syd. I loved the photo of the tiny frog.

    I actually heard the birds cheeping outside my window this morning. I think they are longing for spring like the rest of us.

    Love you much.


  15. wow i love your photo. so amazing and tiny :)

  16. I must say I am jealous. We are below zero with highs in the single digits. Spring is months away for Wisconsin. I love the spring peepers but will not hear them sing until May. I will always struggle with ego and control but I do know my higher power is much bigger than I, so he waits while I have my moments, and then I have to surrender all over again. Best of luck with your grants.....

  17. I've had a love for frogs since I was a little girl, and watched them for hours in the marsh behind our house. Thanks for the great picture, and another of your thoughtful posts.


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