Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking man

Today, I spent a lot of time walking around town. I had a good breakfast in a small cafe, enjoying my first time off the boat in two days. Amazingly, I didn't have wobbly land legs.

Art galleries line the main street, so I had a good time looking at local art. This is quite an artsy place. Tomorrow I will be going to some used book stores, one of my favorite things to do.

The waterfront park is beautiful. Swings, benches, statues, flower beds, and a pavilion line brick walkways along the waterfront. I really like the ambiance of a small town, and this one is so appealing.

I have checked out the schedule for Al-Anon and will go to a meeting on Thursday. It is within walking distance. I am going to an open AA meeting tonight, having found a club house near the marina. The walk to the AA meeting goes past many old mansions along an avenue of live oaks draped with Spanish moss.

I am planning to head back home on Friday. There is a line of thunderstorms coming through tomorrow through Thursday. I will stay put and continue my walking and photo tour of the town until the weather improves.

All is well at home. C. is keeping in touch with her parents who are doing well. I talk to her on the phone several times a day. Hopefully, she and I will be able to do a cruise up the coast to Chesapeake Bay in early fall. I miss her and wish she were here to enjoy this place.

In the meantime, I am going to relax, enjoy, and do some more walking.


  1. I think you are doing exactly what you need to do. Enjoy, Syd. You deserve it.

  2. galleries and used book stores are big favs of mine...

  3. The pictures are beautiful and the respite sounds wonderful. Following seas. Peace.

  4. Nice blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-

  5. Getting those land legs back after a long time at sea was pretty funny---the first time. That does look like a nice town to have a walkabout through. Enjoy the days and nights they all belong to you as you take ownership of them.

  6. Sounds wonderful. I pulled the picture of the potted plants because it gives me ideas for the side of the garage. It is what we see when we look out the living room window and look left. It would be nice to have something pretty to see. Will let you know when we get that done. Continue with your relaxing and sight seeing. Let us know if you find some books.

  7. This town looks strangely familiar to me, buddy. Wish I were there with you.

    Thanks for the photos.



  8. Beauty for your soul. This is good. Walking is one of the most serenity producing exercises I know!

  9. Love the pictures, Syd. I love art galleries, book stores and small towns too. Where you are looks lovely, physically and emotionally serene.

  10. You're in S Carolina... isn't Gone with the Wind set in Atlanta or Georgia?... Is there even a state called Atlanta?

    And was Georgia named after England's King George II, II or I?

    I know Virginia was named after Elizabeth I as the "virgin queen"...!

  11. Hi Syd. I'm glad you are having a restful trip. That town looks a lot like Beaufort to me ... the SC one, that is, but I didn't think it was that far from Charleston.
    Wherever you are it looks great & isn't it fun to go to meetings while traveling?


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