Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful day here

After the thunderstorm last night, this morning dawned fresh with low humidity and clear skies. I was thinking about the solo sailors who are on their final leg of the around the world voyage. I hope that they made it through the storm and have good winds to push them to France.

I am feeling resolved about what is to come with Timmi. He is still not eating but was delighted to see us and wagged his tail. His creatinine levels are still high in spite of intensive flushing with IV fluids. I was hoping for a different result. But I know that I will just have to accept what is.

But for today I am okay and diverted from the sadness that I know will come. Some friends are coming by to visit. We will laugh and enjoy the visit. Later, it will be good to go out to the garden and see how things are there. I am doing what I can to stay in this day.

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Every comment you make means a lot to me. I will be around to visit you when I can.


  1. Syd, I think you would love the book I was talking about yesterday. Flotsam and Jetsam but Robb White.
    So much boat stuff in it but other good tales, too.
    Okay. And now let me say that I hope today IS a beautiful day with your dog-friend. That is the BEST, BEST day together you ever had.

  2. glad you are having a good day syd...we had a vicious thunderstorm in the middle of the night...highlighted by lightning hitting a neighbors tree...yikes...

  3. So glad for the diversions with a beautiful day. We all experience sadness and joy. We couldn't know one without the other. God bless, friend.

  4. You are so strong in the face of what's happening with your sweet friend, and you are inspiring me that way. I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm sorry for the health problems of your beloved dog, ...I can relate to this very much. I'm a dog lover and have an old yellow Lab with many health issues. I love the photo you reminds me of the creeks that led into the Long Island Sound that I grew up on with my dad on his boat....looks just the same.
    Peace be with you as you deal with your dog's health. They are such loving and loyal friends.

  5. Hi Syd, so sorry to hear about your faithful friend.
    I have had labradors for years now, they are wonderful companions.
    nearing the end of their lives is a terrible time for them and us. He is, I guess really really tired. He has a had a wonderful life. Letting them go with love and dignity is the last kind thing we can do for them.
    I'm sure that after a little while he will be back with you, just in a different way.
    Thank you so much for your wise and moving blog. I have followed you for quite a while now.I live by the sea in Norfolk u.k. A wonderful place. Thanks again...and god bless you.

  6. Thanks again for all your posts, Syd. I find them inspiring and helpful.

  7. I have a couple of other blog friends who recently lost a beloved pet dog. I have four and will be very distraught when any of them go. May peace find you in your time of sorrow.

  8. We had thunderstorms yesterday also. I love them because when it's over the air smells incredibly clean and the sky seems bluer.

    There's still hope for Timmi. I will be sending postivie thoughts you way.

  9. It's a beautiful day here too! Thinking of you and your furry friend and wishing you both peace. Misguided Gypsy

  10. my aunt just lost her sweet abby dog. Sigh... I loved that little bundle of energy!


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