Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is such a day

On a day
when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a

My eyes are like the sun that makes promises;
the promise of life
that it always
 each morning.

The living heart gives to us as does that luminous sphere,
both caress the earth with great

This is a breeze that can enter the soul.
This love I know plays a drum.  Arms move around me;
who can contain their self before my beauty?

Peace is wonderful,
but ecstatic dance is more fun, and less narcissistic;
gregarious He makes our lips.

On a day when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open
and the love starts.

Today is such
a day.
~ Rumi ~

Thinking about a friend who killed herself a year ago today.  I wish that she were still here to enjoy the ecstatic dance. Today the sails have opened and the love has started. 


  1. Yes. There is a reason to hang on, hang in. There is.

  2. sorry for your the Rumi...ride on sails open my friend...

  3. The promise of life that it always keeps each morning. yes, thank you sun. And thank you Syd. I hope today reminds you of hope in the memory of sadness.

  4. Sometimes life seems too painful to go on. In those moments of despair you believe the pain will never end and escape is all you want. Why some people act on it an others don't is a mystery. I am speaking from my own experience with pain and depression.

  5. I pray for your friend & all those who suffer with this debilitating illness...for strength & perseverance & HOPE. I have been there myself..I.thank God & my angels that my attempt didnt work when i was 16 & that the Holy Spirit prevented me from trying it again when my parents were ANGRY with me for doing that to myself. Fellowship & our faith communities breed that life saving hope....thank God...we are NOT alone!

  6. What a way to remember her tragic death. This was really a beautiful poem. Keep on sailing and flying and looking toward the sun.


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