Saturday, July 2, 2011

Signs of summer

Here are some of the signs That I have seen of summer today:

• A pair of lost sunglasses on the beach, along with a Pittsburg Steelers ball hat.

• Lots of dog hair on just about everything including crackers and cheese that I am having for a snack.

• A used condom hanging on a piece of driftwood (LOL) on the front beach.

• Formulating a portfolio of summer photos that includes the lost sunglasses, the ball hat, the condom, and a pair of my shorts.

• About 50 boats with lots of crazy partying and drinking at the anchorage.

• Unbelievably bad music playing from every boat--and I mean really baaad.

• Lots of see and be seen people--dancing, screams, and cruising by in everything from skiffs to sixty foot charter boats.

• Having the Grey Poupon on deck in case some one asks.

• Afternoon thunderstorms that bring relief from the heat and hopefully will chase the partying boaters and their baaad music away.

Hope that you are enjoying your summer day. We are grateful for a break from drama. And yes, we are in a "living is easy" kind of summertime mood today.


  1. Just south of you (I think) it is a bit quieter. The shrimp boats are finally out on the water. Wave runners are making a appearance as are plastic wheel amphibious monster bikes. On the roads more coulees drivers with Ohio plates.

  2. The dog hair...ugh lets not go there! 4 dogs equals a lot of shedding hair flying everywhere.

    Glad you are having a sounds wonderful. :o)Blessings to you and your wife, Syd.

  3. The noise and bad music would send us on our way. We don't do well in that atmosphere. Interesting to watch though. For about five minutes. Ha.
    You could make a collage or a shadow box of the odd and various things you have found on the beach.

  4. I hope it really was driftwood and you didn't just substitute a something to be politically correct. LOL

    I love the signs of summer too!!!

  5. Bad music always ruins a good event for me. Lots of noise pollution in this world as it is. I listen to a go kart with recordings for tourists whirl through my neighborhood in the summer.
    One day at a time with good ear plugs makes things so much more enjoyable

  6. I love that the condom is going in the picture.

    I would have been one of those revelers on the boats. Did a lot of that in the 80's and 90's in Balboa. Unfortunately, for this alcoholic, booze and sun don't mix. It never ended well. And it always ended with me removing articles of clothing. Yeah. I was 'that girl.'


    Thank gOd for recovery.

  7. dude the barnacles on th sun glasses ha....ugh on the thought of the cheesy dog hair...have a great weekend man

  8. I never removed articles of clothing (Kristin!), but wait! One time, oh yeah!

    But always, ALWAYS...classical music. Just as disturbing to those who like it Baaad!

    Happy FOURTH, Syd.

  9. yup, sounds like summer at the beach! :) Enjoy the weekend Syd! Hopefully the beach wont be quite as littered this year, but there seem to be some forms of human nature tough to fight.

    Somehow having the dog who is so comforting and has such a great spirit is worth the dog hair in everything, though it does get irritating sometimes.

  10. those sunglasses have been lost a long time...

  11. Same thing here sans the condom and the boats. There is a lot of bad music, or band music which I like but not really into it when it wakes me up in the the parade yesterday. But, life is good. Brushing the kitties every day. They like it.

  12. I really like the photo of the sunglasses!!!

  13. Sorry about the baaad music. Made me smile. I'm glad yor are having an easy day. I am too. Summer has finally arrived in Michigan.


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