Monday, July 4, 2011

Some things to ponder today

I am glad that no one I love so far today has ended up face down on the pavement. Having a fifth on the fourth isn't going to make anyone happy.

I often obsessively pursue feeling good, no matter how bad it makes me feel.

When I was a newcomer, I didn't think I had any obsessions until I started thinking about it. Then it was all I could think about.

The good news is you get your emotions back; the bad news is you get your emotions back.

Women (or men) in Al-Anon can find men (or women) that the police can't find!

I didn't hesitate to call the police last night when some drunken loonies were shooting flares at several boats in the marina. It got quiet after the police arrived.

I've never understood why the Fourth of July has always evoked images of drunken barbecuing and massive parties. It has a lot more meaning than grilling hotdogs and drinking beer.

That being said, we are going to a community dock party tonight with a barbecue followed by the biggest fireworks show in the city.

I'm sure that it's going to be a zoo on the water. The marine law enforcement staff will be out patrolling and looking for people that are too impaired to operate a boat. I am glad that I am at the marina and not out on the water with hundreds of other boats.

Photos from the evening festivities will be posted soon. Enjoy your day and stay safe.


  1. The police force in my city gets their DUI quotas on the fourth. We listened to small bombs last night around 2:00 AM being shot into the ocean.
    Tonight I am going to a BBQ to watch the fireworks.
    Holidays bring up feelings of feeling left out.
    Everyone else in the world is enjoying themselves but I am left to fend for myself. Working the program allows me to take care of myself and to Keep it Simple. I don't have to cling to the old voices I have choices in my life.

  2. I'm glad I'm sitting safe at home today.I'm extremely greatful that I live in a free country.

  3. I think we are going to stay RIGHT here. A hotdog would taste good, though. Have fun!

  4. So many people don't need an excuse to drink and use. As you know. Holidays are much safer and saner for people like us if we stay away from crowds overindulging. Been there, done that, and have moved on past all that over excitement. We have been having one of the best days ever so we must be doing something right for us.

  5. Happy Independence Day, Syd. I'm happy to hear you are going a safer route and out to have a good time tonight. Enjoy.

  6. Have fun. It will hopefully be a beautiful drama free night for you and yoru wife. The photo you did post is so disturbing. :o( Ugh makes my stomach turn.

  7. Memories from the past: Absolute BEDLAM among hundreds of boaters out in the dark Gulf of Mexico, after the $110,000 worth of pier-fireworks were finished.

    Head for (hic) home, guys!

    Fireworks from the beach are just as beautiful, amid thousands of 'friends'!

    Having the kind of day I wish EVERYONE could be enjoying...

  8. any excuse people have to over indulge...lost a good friend on the 4th of july about 8 years ago...

  9. I just saw the reference to "Independence Day" and it rocked me a little. I AM independent today, free from a dependency on substances to get me through the day. Nice jolt of gratitude, there!
    I send good wishes for you and C.

  10. I'm getting ready to go to a firework display at the Bay in San Diego. I'm pretty sure there will be a show on the walk home, as well. LOVE the holiday. MY husband is a veteran and I can't help but be proud of his contribution. :)

  11. Please stop posting old pictures of me on you blog. ;-)

  12. It makes me sad that every occasion is an excuse to drink and drug. We had a couples baby shower earlier this year at our house for the daughter. One man got rip roarin' drunk (and loud).
    You can hear him yelling in the background of the videos. UGG!

  13. I saw n party but I know now that it is passed I will once again be able to tell what size bore fired the round rather than have to decide was it a firecracker or a gun.

  14. That's a scarey photo, Syd. She will probably remember nothing ... that is if she lives.

  15. We heard all the revelers out and about wandering down to the waterfront park, but we decided to watch from the yard.

    Hope you came out unscathed, I'm glad the law enforcement was a good presence all weekend :)

  16. The fourth of July is my least favorite holiday. It is too loud and pretty much obnoxious all the way around.

    Hope you managed to have fun.



  17. Sounds pretty full on :) those celebrations.. Good luck with that :)

    Yes glad I didn't need to leave a car using the face down on the tarmc' method.. ick
    My days of being drunk in car wrecks are over, a day at a time thank god.

    Glad u didn't hesitate to call the cops. Glad they went quiet when the cops showed up. What a handful.. The dogs must find it a bit unsettling.. Hope it is over soon and you have as little hassle as possible syd :)

  18. we enjoyed a wonderful Inedependence Day weekend at a small town festival, culminating in a wonderful 20 minute fireworks show that would rival any major city. Independence Day is my favorite secular holiday, and in my opinion, the mot important.


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