Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday happenings

White puffy cumulus clouds float against a clear blue sky today. It is more like an early fall day than the middle of July. I welcome the respite.

The breeze is still stiff which has kept the small boat party crowd away for the most part. Right now there is a free concert from a yacht with a good guitar player and vocalist standing on deck. He says his name is Jameson from the Market Street Saloon. He is interrupted by a drunk who won't stay off the loud hailer, creating a lot of feedback. Maybe he has had too much Jameson.

Last night the waves were wild. I rowed to shore, taking the old dog for a walk. She was in her element. As we were coming back, there were a group of fellows standing around a campfire drinking beer. I asked if they were camping. They said "No, just drinking on a day off." I heard them get underway around 1 AM. They were having a big ole time. After they left, only the waves and the rigging made any noise.

Heard from a fellow who I met on my trip South on the boat. He wants to have the peace of Al-Anon without going to meetings or working the steps. He will call when things go to pieces with his girl friend. This is his first relationship with an alcoholic.

She is telling him that she needs space. He pulls her closer. She contacted a couple of old boyfriends at 2:30 AM saying it was to make amends. He wants to believe her but is paralyzed by fear of rejection. I tell him I found it helpful to not project but be guarded. I also had to learn to keep the focus on me and learn to have my own interests and hobbies. He is isolating more and more while his girl friend is skipping meetings. I hope they learn to place priorities on things of maximum usefulness to peace of mind. Sometimes we learn first through the school of hard knocks.

Now, it's time to fix some dinner and enjoy the sunset. Happy Sunday from my sanctuary.


  1. a little waves, a little music and a nice sunset yeah...having your priorities straight...even better

  2. Amends at 2:30 AM.

    ::shaking head::

    I'm gonna stay out of this one...

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying your sanctuary, my friend! Here's to feeling better, eh?

  4. Loving the sunset. It's so beautiful I can release the rest. :)

  5. I had an old friend stay with me this weekend..bottoming out on her latest break up. It was difficult to watch her go through withdrawal from her drug of choice.
    I took her to her first meeting and trust HP has a plan for her as it does for the entire world.
    Letting go and trusting God

  6. Other than a death in the family, there is never a reason to call someone at 2:30 am.

  7. OH MY amends at 2:30am... wow, that's one I hadn't thought of.

    We are nothing if not resourceful with our reasoning ability.

  8. I am so thankful I am finally in a peaceful, productive relationship. I hope your friend finds the same.

    Love you. The photos are lovely.


  9. God really puts things out there so that we can see and hear what we need to hear about ourselves when we need it.

    This bit....He wants to believe her but is paralyzed by fear of rejection. many times, for so long, for most of my relationship was I paralyzed by that same fear.

    And, your blog was the first of two in 12 hours to reveal to me how much I have let fear paralyze me in that relationship.

    Thank you for everything, Syd. You're a great soul and a wonderful person. The effort you put into this blog, as well as the the thoughtful comments you leave elsewhere, is appreciated.

  10. Syd, What finally brought you to Al-Anon?

  11. I don't think I ever called any old BFs to make amends in the middle of the night. Good advice on your part, Syd.

    Glad to know that you're feeling better. ... Interesting hearing you talking about being on the boat overnight. Last summer you were just finding the boat and doing due diligence to check it out before buying it. How things change... Congratulations again for doing something really good for yourself.


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