Sunday, July 10, 2011

A torrent

It rained most of yesterday with a huge thunderstorm bringing torrential rains in the evening. We stayed on the boat at the marina this weekend instead of going out. So we got a great view of the approaching storm.

We were planning to go to an open AA meeting which is also a Big Book study. We just made it to the car before the full force of the storm hit.

In the meeting, the reading was from Bill's story. There is much to learn from reading this. I hear something different every time. Some passages that resonated last night:

"Drink was taking an important and exhilarating part in my life."

"Out of this alloy of drink and speculation, I commenced to forge the weapon that one day would turn in its flight like a boomerang and all but cut me to ribbons."

"My drinking assumed more serious proportions, continuing all day and almost every night. The remonstrances of my friends terminated in a row and I became a lone wolf."

"Liquor ceased to be a luxury; it became a necessity."

We saw a friend there that was sober for several years but decided to go back out. She said she was back from a 90 day stint in rehab. The pretty M. that used to be was replaced by a bloated woman aged beyond her years.

I hope that this time is the charm for her. We both hugged her, and as we did the tears came in a torrent. Her daughter is getting ready for college. M. is living with her brother in another state because she has no money, no house, and said that she is close to the rehab location. Bill's story is being told over and over in the desperate lives of so many every day. Very sobering stuff.


  1. I hope she makes the recovery a lifetime change. fortunate to have a brother with a place for her to stay right now. Alcohol becoming a necessity is something I have lived around my whole life. But I do not have personal experience of that need. Amazing that I don't.

  2. i am sad for the lady that went back out...and the havoc it will reek on her life...i hope she once more finds life shines in her...

  3. God this disease is sad. Ugh. I'm glad your friend is choosing sobriety for today.

  4. A torrent of rain, truth, and reality. All sound cleansing to me. :)

  5. I have the Al-Anon schedule bookmarked but I am unsure if it would do any good. They're all themed, I've noticed.

    Nicole is gone and there is no group for it's "too f**king late". Sorry for my french. If it offends you, don't post it. =)

  6. A few years back I was lucky enough to visit Bill's birthplace in Dorset, Vt. It was exhilerating to imagine him there as a child and then to realize all he went through and how AA came to be from his experiences.

  7. Life is really hard but it'll all be good because everything comes to pass.

  8. I hope your friend will make it this time, Syd.



  9. Thank you for M story
    I too went back out but somehow managed to get to the rooms before I lost it all.
    In the early days I just sat and listened waiting for the desire to drink lift and eventually it did.
    A new Freedom and Happiness

  10. whew! Just found out another young woman in our fellowship made the supreme sacrifice recently.

    This disease kills, young...old, it is no discriminator.

    God be with M. I hope she finds the spirit and runs with it!


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