Thursday, September 8, 2011

A day full

Some things that happened today:
  • I took one of our Labradors to the vet to be spayed.  She was happy for the car ride, and I felt traitorous as I dropped her off.  I felt better after I got the phone call that she was okay. She is now home and resting comfortably.  She still loves me and gave me a face licking.  The recovery of animals is amazing. 
  • A covey (or bevy) of wild turkeys crossed the road on my way to the vets.  They were beautiful. I stopped the truck just to watch them walk-run across the road.  I am glad that wild turkeys are still around our farm.  I think they are neat birds and splendid when they spread their feathers.
  • I saw a dead deer at the head of the drive.  It appeared to have been hit by a car.  Burying a deer takes a lot of work.  
  • I talked with a neighbor who has dairy cattle.  He has these little calf hutches near his back yard where the calves live.  I saw him at his mailbox and stopped to ask how his cows were doing.  He told me that he was sad because a calf was still born two days ago,  and then the mother died yesterday.  And here I was feeling bad about burying a deer.  He said that animals don't tell us when they are sick.  She was fine one day and then dead the next from milk fever.  I think that he cares about his cows as I do about the dogs.  He does have a 2 day old calf that he wants me to see. 
  • I stocked up on groceries for our trip on the boat this weekend.  We are going to a different island up the coast.  A few friends are bringing their boats.  I am looking forward to being around some relatively sane boaters. 
  • The sailing and boating club that I belong to had a meeting tonight on whether to a moment of silent contemplation, instead of prayer,  as part of the order of business.  I don't know what it is about religion that causes so much divisiveness, but it surely has been the reason for a lot of killing around the world for a long time.  After each person had their chance to speak,  the vote was to have a moment of silence.  Several members got up and angrily stalked out.  I haven't seen adults do that since the church that I attended as a kid was integrated.  Religious fervor and hypocrisy left a bad taste in my mouth then, just as it does now.  
  • I was asked to be an officer in the club.  I declined.  De-stressing my life is a priority.  I believe in what the serenity prayer says about knowing the difference between the things I can change and those people, places and things over which I have no control. 
  • And the last thing for today is to read a few blogs,  write in my journal, and shut off the light.  Good night to all.


  1. Sounds like a successful and responsible day. I love the turkey pic. Hope to see a pic of the baby cow soon.

  2. The prayer debate comes up about once a year at my Alanon group. So far, people have gone with the majority decision and no one has stomped out.

    I have my opinion, but I will go along with the vote. Life is about compromise if we expect to get along.

  3. Today, I would love to be around some wild turkeys,cows and dogs. You have something good going for you Syd and I'm loving the way you are embracing the change from structured work day to enjoying home.

  4. How loving of you to bury the deer.
    God's creature..just like us.

    You;re a good man, Syd,


  5. Wild turkeys are amazing, aren't they? I would love to see a flock.
    Why do people get so upset if they aren't allowed to pray out loud? Doesn't the Bible say to go into your closet to talk to god? Well, you know how I feel about religion.
    I am sorry about that deer. I am sorry about the cow and her calf too. Give your dog some treats. I know you will.

  6. there is a huge hub bub here right now as they are telling the county board of directors they canno longer pray before their meetings...

    cool to see the turkeys...see more of them here this time of year...

    and good on you for turning down the officership...many would be flattered into doing something they did not want to...

  7. Hell if it weren't for religion as a poet I would lose a lot of my material to write about.

  8. Glad to hear your lab will be ok. Mine are a huge part of my recovery... they are amazing.

  9. Turkeys are such big birds. We have them here too. Seems funny that they live with us in neighborhoods. They were probably here first?

  10. Thank you for burying the deer. I wish there were more people like you :)

  11. It's too bad that so many make religion look so bad. (it is my experience that they mostly aren't religious people)

  12. It bothers me when there is too much religion, talkin in the rooms.
    I was speaking to an old timer who was twelve stepped by Bill W and asked him what had changed in the rooms? He remarked it is more religious.


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