Saturday, September 10, 2011

Early morning at the boneyard

The sun has just come up, and we watched it slowly rise through the bones of old trees that have succumbed to the ocean. Accretion and erosion are life or death forces on barrier islands.

We are thankful for a bit of breeze because the mosquitoes are fierce here. There are miles of trails but we don't dare venture on them until after first frost. The morning temperature is cool, but it will get to 86 F today--Indian summer which is lovely.

Two other sail boats came in last night with some friends on board. It was late so we talked back and forth across the water briefly. Today some more friends will arrive, and we will have a beach cookout tonight if the breeze continues. The insects rule, and the mosquitoes would overwhelm us on the beach without some wind, campfire smoke and chemical repellent.

I feel so lucky to be on this boat that is safe and comfortable. She is filled with our personalities: polished wood, brass lamps, books, thick towels, crisp linens, colorful throws and pillows. Last night, we had Waldorf salad and roast chicken by candlelight. Our old dog looked in on us from her bed in the cockpit. This boat is a home away from home for me.

I hope that you are enjoying some of your favorite things this Saturday. The day is filled with promises here. I am going to get to living those promises.


  1. Good weekend to you, Syd.

  2. My house is like an old wooden boat to me. It sails through time and through weather, it shifts and it settles and here we are, lucky to have it's welcoming hold.

  3. Sound like a travel guide to me. I am happy to have a wee bit of relief from the heat too.

  4. Happy trails and sails to you, Syd.

  5. nice...hope you have a great saturday syd...

  6. Beautiful sunrise and goregous boat! I hear the serene in your words. :)


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