Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yesterday the temperature changed 25 degrees in 9 hours. It was wonderful to go from the upper 80's to 58 this morning. Everyone, including the dogs, felt refreshed.

We aren't taking the boat out this weekend. Instead, we ran some errands yesterday. I got a much needed hair cut. Then, my wife wanted to get waxing and a

pedicure. She asked if I wanted a pedicure as well. At first, I said "No thanks", but after seeing how much fun she was having with the foot whirlpool and the massage chair, I decided to get my feet done too. It was no big deal, but the women seemed to love it. The owner called us the "cute, loving couple".

Her toes look much better than mine, but my feet feel much better. I especially liked the "cheese grater" that was used to scrape the bottom of my feet. 'Nuff said about that, other than my soles are soft now.

We spent the night on the boat at the marina. I am going to the library today to spread out my chart and work on my assignment for advanced piloting class.

I read in the paper today about how the local bars can be an extension of home. Dive bars are extolled as places where all your friends meet to drink cheap beer. "It is a place you go after work but before you make it home....A good dive bar is like an extension of your home. It is the back room where all the odds and ends are kept." and it goes on to list those bars where you can drink and find enjoyment. I wonder at how just about everything revolves around drinking. The rooms won't be lacking for people I'm sure. And maybe that extension of the home where the odds and ends are kept has an elephant too.

Well, I am off to get a shower and head to the library. Tonight we are going to an open AA meeting instead of a dive bar.


  1. I used to love dive bars. I didn't really drink much but I loved the music.
    Okay. I want a pedicure now. REALLY REALLY a lot.

  2. I love pedicures, but I don't drink either (not because I am an alcoholic, I just like having my wits about me). I avoid social gatherings where there will be a lot of drinking. In my 20s, I did that kind of thing. Not now. I don't like to be around drunken, raucous people.

    Can't wait to hear more about the piloting class....D

  3. You are a brave brave man. Congrats on the pedi. I don't think I could convince my husband to do this. :)

  4. I remember a couple of dive bars that I used to drag my father out of to try and get him home. In those days you had to have a membership to enter there was a buzzer for extra protection. It was like a bat cave inside almost pitch black with large pool tables.
    I watched a motorcycle get stolen once waiting for him in the family station wagon.
    Oh those were the days......
    Today I get to sit with myself at the Zen Center for an all day retreat and watch my mind circle and try not to attach.

  5. Hi Syd - - - Just a jog of memory for me - the 'dive bars' - - - My spouse called them 'watering holes' and he had 3 before he finally made it home! Oh well, those WERE the days. So grateful for his last 10 years of sobriety.

    Hugs to you - enjoy the autumn weather!
    Anonymous #1

  6. glad you let us know that second set was hers and not the after pics syd...smiles. have not tried a pedi yet...hmm....

  7. I was last in a dive bar in '89. That ended pretty good, two broken noses, one broken arm and then I had my ankle stomped to stop the fight which broke every bone in it. At least the other 3 guys got to walk away. Man that seems like a long time ago. I thought it was fun then but now twenty years later that ol' ankle is just another part of the broken bone barometer.

    Hey Syd what color did they put on your toes?

  8. Did the manicurists think you were nuts when you took out your trusty camera and took pictures of your toes? I think you are like me and keep your eyes open for anything that will make a blog entry. It can lead to some strange photo taking !

  9. Sounds like a good day! I noticed the other day on the radio on my hour commute home that every song referenced alcohol in one way or another. My husband enjoys the dive bars, I use to go with him years ago, just wasn't my thing. Now I have the choice that I don't have to go to the dive bar with him.

  10. You need to come clean about the red toes really being your feet...just sayin'

  11. Used to love the dive bars. When you are the worst drunk in there (which is what ended up happening to me) you know you are in trouble. So, I drank at home. I have always been a solution oriented gal!

  12. I love that you received a pedicure. Just love it. And its not because I work in the spa industry. I just love that you are willing to try new things. And I'm sure your feet look hot!


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