Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today, right now

The fall garden is complete after weeding and planting.  Today, rain is expected which will be good.  The old vines were pulled, all the beauty of their spring freshness withered by the heat of summer.

I am meeting with a man I sponsor this morning.  He is beginning to awaken to the possibilities of less worry by letting go.

In my lifetime, many of my worst fears did come true.  But I don't think that I was helped by worrying about them.  Worry wastes energy and depletes me mentally.  I would rather take action where I can.  And once I have taken appropriate action, I have to let go and trust that I can walk through the fear.

Tonight is navigation class.  I am a chapter ahead because of time spent over the weekend reading and working on navigation problems.  I am still the over-achiever.  This is one of those personality traits that can be an asset or a defect.  Balance is the key.

My wife is leaving tomorrow to visit friends in North Carolina.  This will be her first trip away since having a heart attack in February.  I know that she will have a  good time.  I know that I will miss her.  I cannot imagine life without her.  I would not have said that in the depths of despair 5 years ago.

A young man who I have known since birth has received his Merchant Mariner's document for Master of any ship in any ocean. He has reached the top in his field.  I remember my father opening clams for him and telling him stories of the ocean when he was just a little kid.  Cosmic energy and connectedness is a powerful thing.

I will do my best to be helpful to someone today.  Each life affects so many others, and the actions of one carry on to the next.  I like this quote by Lily Hardy Hammond: "You don't pay love back; you pay it forward".  I will pay it forward today.


  1. Good write Syd. For decades i worked on losing fear and worry and you are right the less the baggage the easier the trip. Safe travels to C.

  2. I think one of the perks of getting older is watching the lifetime achievments of others.

  3. I will take several things from this to keep with me today. And thus- you HAVE helped someone.

  4. I will try to pay it forward today too Syd. Have a lovely one.

  5. nice syd...i hope you get that opportunity to help someone today...i imagine by the time you are done with that meeting you will..cool to see the achievements of that boy now man...

  6. Love the quote. I'm going to remember that one. And, you are so right about worry. I wish I could follow that advice. :)

  7. "I am still the over-achiever."

    I can so relate to this and it has been hard to let go sometimes.

    I actually was counseled about this once in a performance review by my manager at Colgate. He actually put this on the review. Although you set exceedlying high expectations for yourself and regularly achieve them you cannot expect the same level of performance from everyone. You must learn to accept a reasonable level of performance from others.

    I had people counsel me over 25 years ago about expectations but it took my son and his addiction to create a learning experience for me that I could grasp.

  8. Today, right now..lovely sentiment, Syd. We will never be here again.

    I'll also try to pay it forward, and hope it keeps going in a wide circle around the world.

  9. WOW! There is great wisdom in the words you have crafted!Nicely thought out and woven into a really well made tapestry!

    And as you write: Each life affects so many others, and the actions of one carry on to the next.

    As the ancients taught us: Everything IS connected! Every person, everything on the planet and in the Cosmos.

    If we could get this message out perhaps mankind would stop its devastation of the planet...perhaps we could enter an Age of Light...

    Nicely done and thanks for sharing!

    Roger ☺

  10. I hope to always be able to pay forward the love I have been given in my life. Loved this post.

  11. Beautiful words of inspiration. Your intention of paying it forward is one that we should all remember. The choice to do good is one area where we have control...it changes my focus from one of worry to one of hope. Thank you for the reminder.

  12. As you always do! I so agree, let go, let God! My husband and I are going through something right now that for most people would be devastating. I have for once kept things in perspective and have kept worry at bay. Fear is so much bigger when we miracle grow it in our minds. In reality it's just a monster in a closet we created! Hope your wife has a great weekend. I will pray for her safety....

  13. You are an inspiring example of 12 step love, Syd. Keep paying it forward!

  14. Paying love forward is excellence, and a life well-lived. I appreciate knowing that some of your worst fears have come true. Same for me. I could never have prepared for them, when they did indeed come true. Like when I had a relapse last year. Worry did not help. And the right action in response is only visible in hindsight.

    I do hope you got your rain, Syd. Ours was measly...

  15. Reminds me of the movie, "Pay it Forward"...a great movie :)
    One of our radio staions here does "drive thru difference fridays" They have people who want to, pay for the car behind them. It has been so cool to hear all of the stories of how people were so deeply touched by a stranger who "paid it forward" (or in this case behind ;)
    Many times it was when a person needed it the most or had prayed for a sign of some sort....
    "Treat others the way you want to be treated" is a pretty awesome philosophy for how to live a good life...

  16. Thanks for the quote, I pay it forward.

  17. Thank you Syd, Your posts and comments always help me. There are many blessings in paying it forward, I find it very rewarding.


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