Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Under the weather and more for Wednesday

I have come down with a cold.  I don't feel so bad but have lost my voice.  I now sound like a deep croaking baritone.  I hope to not let the cold slow me down but coughing all the time is annoying.  It also makes people look at me with a bit of disgust, probably thinking that I am a smoker who is on his last few bronchial cells.

Today I worked at a friend's house on rebuilding his marine diesel engine.  It felt good to get some grease under the nails and on my hands.  He was my instructor for the marine engine maintenance class that I took last year.  We replaced the thermostat, rebuilt the raw water pump, and did some compression testing on the engine.  For the last few hours, I had to use hand signals because I couldn't talk.  I did manage to croak out a "Thank you" for the great dinner they fixed.

After I got home,  I helped put up some of the fall decorations.  Every season, we enjoy changing decorations.  Spooky spiders, fall foliage, rolling eyeballs, and lit pumpkins are some of the fun things that we use to decorate for fall.  Here are just a few photos of what we do:
Pumpkins are put outside and inside the house. 

This eyeball lights up when you roll it around. 

Pumpkin lights are fun in one of the garage windows. 

And who wouldn't be scared of this!
I'm not sure who gets more of a kick out of this: the wild animals or me.  I don't know what the deer and raccoons think of the skeleton.  It gives me the creeps a bit.

We hope to go on the boat for the weekend.  The weather is supposed to turn cool on Saturday.  The low may be around 49 F.   I can't wait.  Enough with the humidity and a very hot summer.  I am ready for blue skies, crisp weather, and the smell of autumn.

Well, that's about it from here.  I am going to say good night.  Hopefully,  I'll be a bit more coherent tomorrow.


  1. Feel better, Syd. I like the skeleton.

  2. dude hope the cough gets better...pretty cool decor.....

  3. wow!! i totally loved the decorations...
    the pumpkins especially :)

    the skeleton is kind of spooky... i mean.... i would NEVER put up anything like that in a 50 metre radius from my house....

    and WILD animals???? you have WILD animals living near your home...????

    that's a wow!!!

  4. You're great, Syd.
    Love the decorations!

  5. That poor skeleton has seen better days, huuh? Hope you feel better soon, nice to see you've got the holiday spirit.

  6. Inever goot the whole decoration for a seasonal holiday thing. Just seems like a waste of time and resources. But then I don't cough after 50 years of smoking wither.

  7. So sorry you are sick, buddy.

    The decorations are adorable.

    You are one of the busiest retired people I know, right after my parents.

    Sending love,


  8. You are extremely coherent!
    I have a cold too but I still have my voice. I think people may wish I did not. That's a joke.

  9. Hope you are feeling better.The decorations rock.

  10. The skeleton is my favorite.

  11. I like the fall decor... I start to mourn that summer will never return, and then we get a 90 degree day again!

    But no, too soon we'll be facing the loss of leaves. I don't think it will be glorious as leaves are drooping and brown before their time.... good think you have your own way of creating color and mystery...


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