Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday afternoon

We are out on the boat for the weekend, anchored behind the undeveloped island with the miles of pristine beach. I am still coughing from the cold that has been kicking my butt for a few days. But there is spaghetti sauce with lots of garlic simmering on the galley stove, and we just finished off a bowl of boiled peanuts so life isn't bad.

The weather has turned delightfully cool. A front came through last night dropping temperature to the 50's. It is such a change from yesterday when it was in the mid 80's.

The lunch with my sponsor was good. It was nice for a few of us to get together. Next week, we are hosting a little going away party at our house. He will be leaving on October 14.

The search for a local sponsor is over. I have asked a fellow that I have known since I came in to co-sponsor me. We get along, but I haven't developed the special connection that I felt when I met my first sponsor. Maybe the feeling will come in time. I also know how desperate I was at first to get better. I don't feel that terrible desperation now. Maybe I am looking for a substitute, and there isn't one. Each person is different. It takes time and a lot of trust to develop any kind of special relationship.

Well, the spaghetti sauce is ready. I am going to check the pasta, light a candle, listen to jazz, and enjoy being in this special place. Wishing you a good Saturday.


  1. It is quiet here in Lloyd and the temperature is lovely and I am grateful for everything right now, Syd. I am grateful for your soothing words.
    I think of you on the water. That makes me happy.

  2. Hey Syd, I just had a bowl of spaghetti too!

    And watched a movie I think you would enjoy-"Win,Win"

  3. The weather today was a delight. For me it was along bike ride and then a long afternoon walk on the beach with my wife and dogs. I got home just in time to see a magnificent sunset. Gratitude for perfect weather and the beauty of nature.

  4. Hi Syd,

    Sorry your ennui is still bugging you - but it too shall pass.

    I have been approached over the years and asked to be a co-sponsor, or replacement for a sponsor who had died. I found that asking the individual to prepare a Step One Inventory for my eyes only was helpful in introductions. I, in turn, provided a Step One inventory to the person making the request. This helped to put us on the same base - as for as trust. The rest was history. One person stayed with me; the other moved away and we lost tough.

    Good luck!

    Anonymous #1

  5. hope the cold continues to go away...sounds like a pretty lax weekend so far...enjoy it man...

  6. I have moved 3 times in the last 15 years, so have wanted a local sponsor in each place I've lived. With some, I've been closer than others, but all have been helpful, and I've grown. I hope that you will feel a special kind of connection with your new sponsor.

  7. My relationship with my first sponsor reminded me of my first marriage. I was really needy and she really wanted to be needed.

    We laugh about that now she is past that need to be needed and doesn't sponsor new comers anymore. She sponsors those past the major steps and just wants an occasional support.

    Her husband is sober now and there is more balance in her life. I still call her now and then because she was there for me before I new how to help myself.

    She showed me how look past the pain and become my own best friend.


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