Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back country riding

It has been a picture perfect day.  I even got sunburned a bit while we were out and about.  I thought that I would share some photos from the weekend.  It's been a while since we have just taken the back roads to ride around and go on a "field trip" to nowhere in particular.
Junk yards and classic car restorations are a favorite stop

You have to see what's under the hood.  Sometimes it takes your breath away. 

This brought back memories of when I had my Mustang.  It was my first car. And it was red.  I wish that I still had that car.  It was an eye catcher.  

Maybe someone will restore this old pile of rust.  

I wish I were in the land of cotton--well, I am now.  And there are a lot of acres of cotton still being planted. 

An old homestead that has seen families come and go.  I wonder what tales those walls could tell. 

And as mid-afternoon approached, it was time to do a little masking and sanding on the boat. 
We ate boiled peanuts and Vienna sausages for snacks.  Later, we ended up at a great little Mexican restaurant downtown for dinner.  It was a filled up day but a lot of fun.  

I like the good times that we share.  It's easy to be happy when there isn't any drama.  I know that I'm glad for the mundane that we had this weekend. It was a respite from a somewhat crazy two weeks.  Just cruising and doing a little work, sleeping in, having some good food, and being close as two people can be.  Now, it's time to snuggle like spoons for sleep.  In love and happy--nothing else like it.  


  1. glad you got some respite older cars...enjoy the peace...

  2. Yeah for the mundane. And great pics!

  3. Good stuff, Syd. We need respites like these from time to time.

  4. Comfort is a word that comes to mind.

  5. Hmmm. Love must be in the air. That's all I'm saying...

  6. Sounds like a peaceful day. Doncha wish you could bank them and pull them out in minutes when you need them?

  7. I love the mundane simple things in life. What a happy post Syd. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Aye, Cap'n :) !

    Aye! to easy and fun and good and intimate, all wrapped up in a beautiful day!

    And Aye, mates :) ! to Ms. Moon and Happygirl, too.

  9. I agree, no drama is double plus good! But hardly mundane, what a lovely outing. :-)

    Thanks for posting pictures, I always look forward to them, you have a good eye.


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