Friday, November 25, 2011

The day after

The day after Thanksgiving is one in which I am relaxing and cooking up the deboned turkey.  The old dog is still not wanting to eat much, but she managed to eat about a pound of turkey yesterday.

I didn't eat a pound but did enjoy the two meals with family and friends.  About the only gaffe was when Jess, the new caregiver, was trying to get my mother-in-law to eat more than a few mouthfuls of string beans. My MIL looked at her and said, "Well, I thought that I liked you but now I'm not so sure." And then she laughed and said, "Just kidding".  Okay....they will work it out.  Old people and kids can say the damndest things.

I'm not going to any stores today if I can help it.  Tomorrow is our anniversary, so I am going to get a card.  We are going fishing and will spend a quiet day together.

I know that I was pretty nervous on this day those years ago when we were on the eve of our wedding day.  It was cold in Virginia that year.  And the little concrete block house where we lived was freezing cold that winter because the furnace didn't work well.  I spent the night there alone as C. was staying at her parents' house that night.  Now, here we are all these years later in our own house where there is warmth, fireplaces going,  turkey soup cooking on the stove, and love still brewing.

Hope that you are having a relaxing day.  


  1. nice...happy anniversary tomorrow man...glad you are relaxing...traveling back home as i have to work tomorrow and we are on a pit way would i go to a store today...

  2. I am sure that there is turkey soup in my immediate future.
    Enjoy this anniversary time.
    Love, like soup, is always better when it has mellowed a bit.

  3. Happy anniversary happy for you.

  4. I laughed at what your MIL said - reminded me of my grandmother!!!

    I think by that time you have earned the right to eat or not eat string beans. LOL!

    I am still laughing. =)

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I had to work today but it was quiet and almost enjoyable.

  6. Your soup looks luscious...mine always seems to be missing the secret ingredient ! All best wishes on your big day tomorrow.

  7. Good to read you, life does get better.

  8. Have a great weekend--it's kinda cold now, even using a blanket tonight--in South Florida. But all is copacetic.

    Reading this post, I was transported to that concrete block house with no heat, during a cold spell in Virginia.

    It brought back memories. I used to be convinced that hell was not hot...but a very cold environment, in all ways!


  9. In my experience, we/I don't push food on our clients. As the elderly get more elderly, they lose their appetite and their little bodies can't process the amount of food that *we* may think is acceptable or suitable. I have learned to listen when they say they are full and honor preserves their dignity, give them some control over their universe, and keeps them from feeling stuffed to the gills.

    Just my .02 worth. Your soup is beautiful and happy anniversary!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    What herb is on top of this delicious looking soup..

  11. I got right on that turkey yesterday morning and had a ton of leftovers. then the carcass went in the stock pot...good stock. the house smelled great.

  12. Happy Anni! Syd, just google ViaRail to find out about the awesome trans Canada train trips available. They offer them in all seasons, and they are comfortable and scenic.

  13. Today is my sisters 33 anniversary with her husband. I wish they had a program like you two do. She is in denial and he is on a lot of meds.

    Your in-law stories remind me of my aunt and uncle. They went through so many at the agency they used. Only one survived until the end with my aunt.

    You have to have some serious patience for that kind of job.

  14. This post made me smile.

  15. When the "filters" stop working properly, you do hear some funny things from the elderly!

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    I did not venture out on Black Friday either, I did some cyber shopping though. :)


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