Friday, November 18, 2011

A new attitude

Okay, here is what we are going to do.  We are flying to Texas to eat with Pam and then hopping on a jet to get to Kitty's for the late evening party!

Seriously, thanks for the comments on yesterday's post.  If I were entirely without feelings and longings,  I would not be alive.  The good thing is that I have learned to move beyond the "what ifs" to the "what is", given enough time to reflect. So, we do have a solution that doesn't involve air travel, although it would be fun to have a Blogger friends get together.

Last evening, we had a "summit" meeting with the new caregivers, Brad and Jessica, the parents, and Karin and Elias who are leaving next Tuesday.  We got the transitional stuff figured out about medications and doctor's visits.  We also discussed what to do about Thanksgiving.  We are cooking the mid-day meal and taking it over to the parents house and will have it there with Brad, Jessica and the parents.  After that, we will travel to visit our friends for the evening meal.

The new caregivers are in their thirties and bursting with joy.  Both have devoted years to service through Ameri-Corps and work at the homeless shelter downtown. Brad will still keep his job at the shelter where he does volunteer coordination.  So it will be good to spend part of the day with them because they are also now part of the family. Their enthusiasm is healthy.

Sometime during the day yesterday,  I regained joy and gratitude about the holidays.  And I realize that the day, any day, is what I make it.  It doesn't have to be about what it used to be, but what it is on this day.  Today I am making it a happy one.

I also wanted to share a photo of the latest addition to the animal family here.  This is Raggs who is one affectionate cat.  He wants to be picked up and held all the time so it was hard to get a photo of him not trying to crawl up my pants leg.  He finally decided to do a cute pose.

With the animals around, bread baking in the kitchen, a fire going, and a beautiful crisp day, it is easy to smile and be grateful.


  1. aww cute kitty...and glad you found a solution syd and are feeling better...have a great day!

  2. I am so happy you found your smile again. Sounds like things are falling into place. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing. :)

  3. yay! I'll set two more places at the table LOL

  4. Blogger friend thanksgiving celebration??? AWESOME idea!! Next YOUR house syd ;).

    I'm there!!

    So glad to hear about the new caregivers...woot woot and double woot! Its going to be a lovely T-day.

  5. Glad you have a new attitude! I'm working on gratitude !

  6. Awww cute cat. I'm glad you are feeling better, but I really wanted to go to Pam's with you and C.

  7. You are absolutely right - the day is what you make it. "What used to be" can change many times over our lives, for all kinds of different reasons, anything from birth to death and all that's in between. Have a good weekend :)

  8. Awwww - what a lover! What a gift you discovered in your own home to cure the temporary holiday doldrums. Yep, I'd say God's laughing at ya'll now.

    Hugs and Happy Holiday!
    Anonymous #1

  9. Oh your cat is so cute :) I wanted to say good for you in being able to move forward in a positive manner, that can be so hard sometimes. You should be really proud of yourself :)

  10. I get stuck wanting things the way I think they should be instead of the way they are. I actually can turn out better than I imagine.

  11. Alrighty! Glad you are going to have fun Thanksgiving! Feel free to parachute into Colorado for dessert? =)

    Cute, cute, kitty.

  12. Wow,Syd..better not say you aren't excited about the holidays again..LOL

  13. What a difference a day makes and thank God for that! I can smell that bread baking. It sounds like a great idea to me that there are two care givers. That would create more of a family feeling and reduce boredom and burnout.

    I am up for a blogger conference in a warm state in the middle of the winter....or a cool state in the middle of the summer.

    So glad you feel better. I wil remember you saying this day is what you make it and it does not have to be what it always was. That is great advice.

  14. Wow, Raggs has the eyes goin' on, huh.

    So good to hear about your inter-familial success. It was a long time coming, and I bet your Recovery helped it be better than ever, and it also lets you enjoy it.

    Joy: Hummingbird medicine. See the hummingbird.

  15. What a beautiful cat. Glad you are able to smile today. Have a beautiful day!


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