Saturday, December 31, 2011


I spent five hours yesterday in the ER waiting while my mother-in-law was checked over and given some kind of "rocket" enema that caused her to finally become unconstipated.  No shit!

Waiting around the ER is interesting.  I am glad that I haven't had to spend too much time in them.  The times that I have spent there have been difficult, some more than others. This was the ER that they brought my mother to after she collapsed.  She died on the way there.  The doctors and clergy took me back to the enclosed area where she was lying.  I stayed with her there for a while--those private moments of raw emotions.  My father-in-law arrived, and he cried when he saw my mother.

I have been to ER several times for both my father-in-law and my mother-in-law during their various health crises over the past year.  And my wife was brought here after being bitten by a copperhead and having a stingray spine go through her leg.  It's not a place that I want to hang out in for long though.

Yesterday things were pretty quiet until we were leaving the ER. One of the nurses said that there were multiple GSW's coming in.  There were over six ambulances coming in.  I later heard on the news that multiple people in a family were involved in a domestic situation with two people in critical condition.

It feels odd to be standing in the midst of all of this.  Surreal really.  It is like being in a movie.  I wanted to get out of there but had to wait until the ambulances were unloaded and the wounded taken inside.  This morning the paper had a small article about the shootings, noting that Christmas lights were still up at the house. A hand-painted sign at one home near the shooting scene read: "Jesus is the Reason ... Be thankful God is Good."

I'm glad to be back home.  I'm glad to be away from hospitals.  It feels far removed to be here, sitting on the couch at home, with a couple of cats curled up next to me and sleeping dogs nearby.  This hospital visit had a good outcome. I hope that the shooting victims have a good outcome.  We are a violent society, becoming more so all the time.

Today, I'm loading up a few things for the drive to Florida.  It will take about 10 hours to get to the destination.  I hope to be heading back home on Wednesday. It's a quick trip to help out a friend.  Happy New Year to you. Ya'll be safe, okay?


  1. Godspeed, Syd. It has been a pleasure blogging with you. I look forward to reading you next year.

  2. I am glad that everything turned out well for your family. I know what you mean when you say that our world is filled with violence. I can't even watch the news anymore. People killing kids, such horrible things that I don't even want to repeat them. The Devil is hard at work these days and way too many people are following the demon that he is.

    I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. May it be the best ever!

  3. I'm glad your er event had a happy ending and I am praying for the family that was caught up in a shooting. gsw is messy business. I have a designated driver tonight, so I'm planning to have a safe and happy new year. :)

  4. Happy New Year to you, Syd. You be safe too.

  5. Syd, I love the ER! It's my home away from home, and a cross section of the ills of society for sure. But it's not all sadness, many stories have happy endings. I also feel like I've seen more than my share of divine interventions there.

    Take care on the trip. Think about what to blog on in '12 when the driving gets dull;)

  6. Be careful Syd.
    We need you back here in blogland all safe and sound.

  7. Happy New Year Syd and safe travels. I know you think obsessing about bowel movements is total shit but they are important.

  8. Happy new year and safe travels. I'll bet booze was involved in that domestic shooting.

  9. Thanks for the reminder for all I have to be grateful for, Syd.

    If you find your way near So Fla and want a good meeting, let me know. Would be pleased to meet you.!

    Safe journey!

  10. ugh...sorry you spent the day at the ER...not a fun place...glad you are home and hope you have a great new year!

  11. There is no better way to end the evening surrounded by your animals. For me, it helps buffer the violent world we live in.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to blogger with you in 2012!

  12. I had to read your first paragraph aloud to hubby! When I took my son to the hospital to drug test him before taking him to rehab, I saw a lady who came in complaining of being unable to breathe. She kept complaining about it taking too long. She was generally having a fit. I thought, you're getting some air in if you can carry on this way....she ended up calling 911 at the ER for an ambulance to take her to another hospital! They must have blown her off because she finally ended up leaving on her own! Have a great trip.

  13. You stay safe Syd, in the holiday traffic I think how we 'trust/ hundreds--thousands?--of drivers traveling toward us at high speed.

    And then I wonder why is it so difficult to 'trust' God?

    Looking for your return, and your writing, counseling!

  14. See...pooping IS a big deal! ;o)

    Drive safe Syd, enjoy your time. We all love you here.

  15. Angels all around your car, as we say here when our loved ones travel.

    It's been a helluva year. I'm glad it is ending, and on a great note too. God bless you and yours, Syd.

  16. Oh, the ER room. I have been there more times than I'd like to admit. Only rarely do they deal well with the MENTALLY ill in these places. I'd rather have a physical complaint. Either way, having a family member along is a Godsend.

    Good thing you are close by and can be there at times like this!

  17. Oh the beauty of the photo just about says it all...

  18. I am so glad I was not taking a drink of my coffee when I read that first paragraph. I surely would have shot it out my noise when I laughed.

    But such sad events in the next few paragraphs. I have heard of violent times in my family before I was old enough to remember, but things were pretty much under control by the older siblings when I (8th child) came along.

    I am not certain we are more violent than before. I think we just have more media coverage and are more aware of it. I think violence and some tragedies were swept under the rug in the past and it just seems like we have more violence.

    But then again, there are those horrific video games and war footage.

    Peace be with you and yours this New Year.


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