Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rainy day thoughts on adapting

I awoke to rain this morning.  It was nice to have warm temperatures and rain pouring down.  The dogs went for a good run but came into their dog room muddy and shaking the water off their coats.  No worries on that as the room is dog proof, having had many foot prints on the tile floor and much wet shaking over the years.  Their thick double coats are made to shed water which is an amazing adaptation for the work that a retriever does.

I stayed up way too late last night reading.  When my wife is not home, I tend to be the consummate night owl.  I can read as late as I want.  Even though she doesn't complain, I have a feeling that I need to shut the book, turn off the light and hug her.  Since I retired, I have allowed myself to succumb to my natural photoperiod of staying up late and sleeping in until around 7:30 in the morning.  So last night, I read until 2 AM.  When she got home at 7 AM, I got up, had coffee, and we talked.  But we both got a nap later! I am adapting to the natural rhythm of my body after so many years of altering it to suit a schedule.

We talked about how focused old people are on bowel movements.  I remember that my mother became obsessed with it.  Now,  C's mother has become obsessed with it.  I hope that my final years aren't spent worrying about crap like that.  In fact, it is one of the least important things on my mind.  The body does what it will do.  If enough goes in, then something will eventually come out.  I may have to adapt to eating different foods as I get older, but I hope to not obsess about health issues.

Looks like the BBQ was worth the drive!

My home group meeting was cancelled last night due to lack of attendance. A fellow blogger's husband was going to come to the meeting and made the drive up from Hilton Head.  Fortunately, he found a good BBQ place and enjoyed seeing the old church where the meeting is held and the little town.  Hopefully, we will get to catch up at a meeting when he comes back in a few months.  He sent me photos of the "cue", and it looked great.  An adaptation to a change in plans resulted in something good.

I have caught up on quite a few blog posts.  Some people had a good holiday with family, while others were struggling with the drama of alcohol and drug addiction and making the most of Christmas without their loved ones.  All the expectations of Christmas seem to come pouring out no matter how hard I try. This year I managed to hold those expectations in check.  And it turned out to be okay.  I am adapting to the idea that aspects of what used to be are no longer.  But I like to think that every day makes a new start to something that might be better than what was.


  1. " I hope that my final years aren't spent worrying about crap like that." You're funny, but it's true. I have hopes that my worrying about everything in general tapers off now, let alone when I am in the last stage of my life.

  2. Diet is so important in ensuring what goes in comes out -- I'm glad I enjoy salads and plenty of veg and roughage or I would worry more!

    And yes, keeping expectations low helps -- my heart goes out to those caught up in dramas and chaos.

  3. Well I am embarrassed to say how obsessed *I* can become with my clients poop schedules! LOL We always get a good laugh out of that...."I have been reduced to finding great joy in the fact that you (my little client...not you, Syd lol) went poop today!"

    Keep walking and being active, thats all I've got to say!

  4. I don't know if you realized it, but my comedian knowledge has to point out to you that you sort of said you hope not to give a crap about bowel movements.

    hope that gives you a giggle, in my house these days it would start a round of jokes and puns that would last about 10-15 minutes.

    I'm sorry C's parents are failing, I know it's hard to deal with. i'm waiting for the blow with mine which may be sooner than later.

  5. Syd you're a trip! Dude 7:30 is half a wasted day and 2 AM is just about when the last bowel movement of the day should be completed!

    You're learning Syd I could never have handled the whole scientist suit and tie life my father had but I think by the time you're ready to really enjoy every moment of every day regardless of what is filling it, you'll be able to have your own definition of fun and live it!

  6. the mom and dad are so lucky to have you two!!!
    I want to retire....tomorrow.

  7. Kitty, Yes, the pun was intended. I do have a humorous streak for a scientist.

    Mark, no suit and tie for this dude. I was your typically dressed marine scientist--jeans and tee shirts. This was also adapted by Steve Jobs who must have copied my "look", 'cept I did not wear turtlenecks!

  8. I'm pretty sure my natural cycle doesn't include going to sleep at 2 and getting up at 7. I'm going to need more sleep than that. Btw, I worry about poop now. I just don't tell anyone. I'm so looking forward to retirement. I'm on a week's break now. At home. And I LOVE it.

  9. hope i do not get to that obsession phase as well...i have the same when my wife is gone too...i stay up way too late....

  10. A beautiful and rambling and relieving and thoughtful post, all its parts and its sum. (And with just enough crap lol.) You manage that so often...

    What struck me in this one is your thought, "I am adapting to the natural rhythm of my body after so many years of altering it to suit a schedule." It made me think this, as a parallel: In Al-Anon I am adapting to the natural rhythm of my soul or my spirit after so many years of altering it to suit an alcoholic or to suit my fear."

    The BBQ and sides look amaaazing...

  11. You know, after working in a hospital for 17 years, I have seen how basic "elimination" is to our health. It seems like a minor detail in a healthy life - but can kill us if it doesn't work right. -- Sorry to dwell on "that crap."

    I have noticed that your comments lately seem to come as late as 1 a.m. your time!

  12. Life, I guess, is about letting things flow then adapting to the outcome. Things change. We let it. Crap and all. ;)

  13. My mother-in-law is also obsessed with her bowels, and if left unchecked, would give great long graphic descriptions. One day, over morning coffee, I could bear it no longer, and holding up one hand, protested, "Too much information!"
    She seemed astonished that we didn't share her fascination with her inner workings. Thank heavens for program, otherwise, I'd never have had the courage to stop her.

  14. The BM talk is pretty universal amongst the aged and the chronically ill. I get tired of hearing it also..to the point where I mentally write my grocery list while it is going on.

    You sound content, your late nights serve you well!

  15. Hello, dear Syd. Just checking in from Cozumel to say hello.
    You should see the ocean right now. Freaking gorgeous in the dark and the moon is a yellow smile above it.

  16. It's always a treat when I can stay up late reading a really good book! However, I don't get to do that very often with my crazy schedule... I look forward to retirement. Although, I think my schedule would be even crazier... LOL

  17. I was never adaptable when I was drinking. Going with the flow is a tool I learned in the program. I am most unhappy when I am inflexible. I find the most serenity when I keep my heart and eyes open one day at a time.

  18. Hello Syd.

    Excellent blog.

    At age 73, I was intrigued by your part-line, "I hope that my final years aren't spent worrying about crap like that."

    I worry.

    Constipated and reading Jung.

    Animus and anima.

    I think it had come to affect my poor wife.

    "Oh, the thoughtful and constipated."

    At one tim she said, "Go down to the hospital...they'll give you an enema."

    But technology has changed, and I guess, so have I.

    I can now give a crap

    Oh animus and anima!

  19. Syd, you sound good my friend... I love how in tune you are with the natural order of things... your body, the ecology, etc. I think we (society) need to pay more attention to that stuff.

    I love how barbecue is different, depending upon the region you're visiting. I had some amazing barbecue in the Outer Banks over he summer, totally different than Texas BBQ, or BBQ we eat here in Ohio.


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