Saturday, April 14, 2012

Land lubber

It has been a blustery, chilly day here. I decided to stay at the marina this weekend to get some work done on the engine and running rigging before casting off next week for a trip down the coast.

I'll be gone for about a week and hope that my travels will enable me to make a roundup in the nearby town where the boat will be docked. It's race week at the marina here which is a wild and crazy time. I've found it best to get the boat out of here to avoid being hit by other boats that aren't familiar with the big tides or swift currents that we have.

I have been to the roundup before and there are generally good speakers for both AA and Al-Anon. It looks like there will be about a two mile bike ride from the boat to the meeting location. I am looking forward to staying on the boat and biking back and forth. It should be a good time.

I talked to a couple last night who sold every thing they owned to cruise for a year. They went up to Canada, through locks and along rivers to reach the Mississippi and get to the Gulf of Mexico. From there, they went around Florida and back to Maryland. They had some interesting and trying times. But they like the nomadic life style. I have to say that I like having a land-based home to go back to.

The marina life is like a community where you like some of the neighbors and some that you don't. A lot of drinking goes on. The police were down here twice last night for a domestic violence call on the boat next to Sojourner. The woman was screaming at her husband earlier in the evening. She has done the screaming before but this time, the police showed up. He called them to say that she had assaulted him.

Today, he has red scratches on his face. I asked if he was okay and he said, "Yes, we're okay." I don't know what the problem is but am glad that the police came. We spend little time at the marina but realize that a lot more probably goes on when we aren't here.

I got the work done that I needed to do for today. Tomorrow, I will continue the preparation. Hopefully, tonight will be low key and quiet. Tomorrow evening, I'll be back home to the solitude of home. I don't mind being a part-time land lubber at all.


  1. that would be a pretty cool trip....and yeah its sad sometimes what goes on behind peoples doors at night...glad it did not get too serious..

  2. Frankly I'm glad to be off the boat, out of the harbor, and living indoors. 20 years was enough!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  3. Syd you almost make me wish I was 17 again and going to sea. Almost...but have good and safe journey, may the wind fill your sails and the seas be calm.

  4. Andrew's sponsor just sold his house and is living on a boat. He is single, and that has always been his good for him.
    I think it sounds romantic, but would get old pretty fast.

    We are having a rainy, indoors week end..with no arguments.It's all good.

  5. I used to think living on a boat sounded romantic and I longed for this type of romance. No longer. I love reading about your trips and the adventures you have. :)

  6. Hi Syd, I think that AA roundup is where a lot of our Moore County AAer's go to. Keep your ears open and send back a hello to me if you meet any. Have fun!

  7. Groundedness -- something I value.

    It always seems so sad that us human beings can have wonderful opportunities, lifestyles to envy, live in beautiful places and turn our lives into small hells through addiction and violence.

    Male battering is on the increase, often misunderstood and overlooked.

  8. Sounds like both sides of life water and soil are good! :)

  9. Dang. I am so glad my life isn't filled with that sort of drama. Not the sailing-drama. The domestic drama.
    Have a wonderful time. Be safe.

  10. Battered men frequently have no where to go. The shelters won't take them.

    Your week away sounds awesome.

  11. Have a fun and safe trip! I enjoy the roundups when I can make it to them. Home can be a little slice of heaven...


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