Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moon dance

We had a good time today. After the storm last evening, the skies cleared and the temperature dropped to cool us off.

Our dog shared a good walk on the beach. We looked at horseshoe crabs, Sargassum weed that had blown onshore, ghost crabs, and even picked up some shark's teeth.

In the afternoon, many more boats arrived with the partying crowd. The stereos blasted rap competing with some Dylan. Young women were dancing on the boats. People were diving from the tuna towers of the sport fishing boats. It's really a miracle that no one has died here in an alcohol related accident.

Finally, around 6 PM, almost all the boats were gone. A couple that we know was anchored nearby in their sailboat. We later joined them after dinner to watch the moon dance on the water and talk about boats and share stories of sailing.

Now, we are back on our boat and settled in for the night. The breeze is light, and the moonlight is shining on the water. It's time to be rocked gently to sleep.


  1. The minute i see you've got a new post i usually rush over here, although i haven't posted a comment to say thanks til now, i love your posts. Thanks!

  2. That photo made me ache for a paddle in the sea.

  3. Your sailing neighborhood really doesn't sound too much different from my concrete one. Except we see different kinds of crabs here among the people of the party houses.

    Hope you slept well.

  4. walks on the beach and watching the moon those sound absolutely serene

  5. The water is medication. The good kind.

  6. Didn't that storm just cool it off... Great sleeping weather. Enjoy. :)

  7. The posts you write about boating always feel ... relaxing. :)

    Glad it was a good day

  8. I'd love a walk on the beach like that and to see the full moon as the boat rocked me to sleep.

    Thanks, Syd.


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