Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The weekend was a good one.  We spent Friday through Monday on the boat.  I studied some but mostly relaxed, went for walks on the beach, slept, had a picnic with friends, played with the dog and enjoyed the breeze.  I believe without the breeze, the heat would have been too much.  Thankfully, the water was nice, and we spent a lot of time in it.
A picnic on the beach

I have a new fellow to sponsor which is really a good thing.  He is pure Al-Anon and young.  His dad is an alcoholic, and he is gradually learning to let go of expectations and the anxiety that has been part of living with active alcoholism.  For the time being, he calls me every evening to talk about Step One and being powerless over other people.  It takes a while to realize that nothing one says or does is going to change another until they want to change.  I can't make someone surrender to my will.  I tried for many years, and it didn't work.

I have the final exam tomorrow.  In retrospect,  the discipline of studying again was the hardest for me.  I am not the disciplined person that I used to be.  To others, I seem really disciplined, but really I would much rather be doing those things that I want to do, rather than the stuff that I need to do.  My spirit rebels against a schedule now.  Maybe that isn't a bad thing.  I'm not worrying about it since it feels like pure freedom to me.

Tonight is rowing with the group.  I did some rowing this weekend, but rowing the little dinghy is not much hard work.  People take pictures of us all the time in the dinghy rowing to shore.  Someone said, "Oh, you two look like the couple from The Notebook."

This weekend is my first passenger gig to Beaufort.  We will set sail on Friday morning and sail down the coast with a return on Sunday evening.  I am looking forward to see how this goes.  If all goes well, then I may have a part time job going sailing.  I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Rowing to shore

Cloudy relief from the heat
Enjoy the rest of your day.  I'm prepping for tomorrows exam.


  1. I needed to be reminded of step one today.

    ***It takes a while to realize that nothing one says or does is going to change another until they want to change. I can't make someone surrender to my will. I tried for many years, and it didn't work.***

    Thank you Syd. Thats what I needed to hear/read this morning.

    Love the picture!

  2. Hmmmm - - sounds to me like your love for retirement is kicking in!

    It's great that you're holding on to a bit of discipline; that process no longer dominates your life, and your 'learned' attitudes and knowledge of good healthy choices is predominating!

    Wow, can I identify. I catch myself saying to others - quite often - hey, it's okay; I'm retired now. Guess this leaves a big door wide open, but I know where the window is that has a small crack in it (for escape).

    Enjoy the summer. Enjoy the row and breeze and water.

    Love and hugs,
    Anonymous #1

  3. how cool would that be to have a part time job sailing...just about perfect for you...and best wishes on the exam man...

  4. Peace out, Glad to hear you are rowing again.

  5. Yay, Syd! Good stuff. All of it!
    And you have a Publix! From whence I just got back. Not your Publix, mine.

  6. Hey, Syd. NICE picture. Keep reminding yourself everyone morning: "I'm r-e-t-i-r-e-d. I don't have to do ANYTHING."

    Keep enjoying yourself, brother.

  7. i like that it didn't take too long after your retirement for you to become "undisciplined". LOL

  8. Great pics! Sailing with passengers sounds fun. And that sponsee might glimpse in you some of the freedom to be found from letting go.

  9. Looks like a gorgeous day. Lots to look forward to.

    Working with newcomers is a great thing.

  10. Hey glad that you had a relaxing weekend after so much lately.

  11. Syd as we would (really we would) say in Detroit "Ace that shit man!"

  12. I move forward to step one everyday... what a blessing.

    LOVE the cloud photo and you rowing!

    Glad you are enjoying your freedom!

  13. Good luck on the exam, Syd. I will be surprised if you don't "ace" it !!

  14. Beautiful pictures, so serene. So great that you continue this blog, Syd. You've helped more people than you can imagine.

  15. Better you than me, Syd, I get sea sick. But it looks like fun!


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