Sunday, December 23, 2012

The priceless gift of serenity

The weather turned chilly and windy a few days ago. It has been a roller coaster of warm balmy weather followed by seasonal temperatures.  I'm not complaining because both are good.  The chilly temperatures make it a little more difficult to do things on the boat, but when I come home to a warm house and a fire going in the gathering room, it's wonderful. 

Yesterday, we baked pies and pound cakes. The coconut pies and boxed pound cakes above are some of our gifts to friends.  The cookies were baked last night and will be part of the food at the open house we are having for recovery folks on Boxing Day.  So far there are 36 people coming.  It seems a little bit overwhelming at this point.  But I'm sure we will have enough food for them, and it will all be fine.  I like that with so many people around, they can entertain themselves.  

I went to my last meetings before Christmas.  I think that there will be a meeting on Christmas night.  I'm glad that the meetings continue regardless of the day.  Someone who needs a respite, peace, and a safe place to be will find that in a meeting.  There is a place for people to be on days when the world seems too much or the season just a bit too jolly.  That is such a good thing. 

I remember when my wife was first sober, we took a ham and cake over to a meeting on the other side of town.  So many people were there who had no family or other place they wanted to be. The AA club house was open all day with meetings going throughout the day and into Christmas night.  It was truly something that I will remember for many years and still brings tears to my eyes.  Both her sponsors who were there that day are dead.  Others that she truly liked have died or moved away. But I'm sure many will be there on Christmas day to be with their fellows and enjoy the priceless gift of serenity. 


  1. You,C,and Parents be at peace Syd. You are one of the few I know of who honestly makes it a 365 day season (add a day for leap year).

    Be Well

  2. Just reading this made me feel more cheerful and yes, a little bit serene.
    Y'all have a very, very Merry Christmas, Syd. I'm glad to live on a planet with you on it.

  3. it is good that they have a place to go and be with each other...its hard to face those days alone you know...the pies sound great...smiles...merry christmas man...

  4. A serene and joyful time to you and C, Syd. All that delicious baking!

  5. It brings great comfort to me to know that meetings are happening throughout the day.
    I am responsible...
    When anyone, anywhere,
    reaches out for help, I want
    the hand of A.A. always to be there
    And for that: I am responsible.

  6. Serenity is good. I want that too. Wishing you an excellent Christmas and an even better new year ;-)

  7. I hope you and C had a super Christmas Syd. I'm behind on checking my blogger favorites (of which you are top of the list !) so I caught up today. Those are some luscious goodies that you concocted together ... YUM... I wish I were on the receiving end.
    (For some reason I couldn't get into the comment section on your 12/25 entry but all the best for the rest of the Holiday season)

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Syd! That pie looks yummy!

  9. I'm grateful that meetings are every where and just about any day/time... it's a safe place and the right place to be. I enjoy when you share the time you spend together baking.


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