Monday, January 21, 2013

Historic day--Together

What a significant day for so many. I am watching the inauguration and seeing a sea of red flags waving is so beautiful.  It seems that for this day there is some kind of unity again for the nation.  I am so moved by this event, not only because I believe so much in the man who is our President but because the history of this day is so significant for the country. 

The faces of the people are so telling, from the singing of the choir to the crowd who seems enraptured by being part of such history.  I am enamored of this man who I believe is good, true and sincere. I feel it in my head and heart. 

"We the people" echoed over and over. Yes, for everything, we the people work much better together than separately.  Just knowing that we can pull together to live, progress and love is comforting.  I feel moved by that in the life that I live with my wife, the recovery that I practice with others, and the rights that I have as a citizen. 

"We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall; just as it guided all those men and women, sung and unsung, who left footprints along this great Mall, to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone; to hear a King proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth." ~Barack Obama

And then this from Richard Blanco, the gay Cuban-American immigrant whose poem "Our Today" was read at the inauguration. 

One sky, toward which we sometimes lift our eyes 
tired from work: some days guessing at the weather 
of our lives, some days giving thanks for a love 
that loves you back, sometimes praising a mother 
who knew how to give, or forgiving a father 
who couldn’t give what you wanted. 
We head home: through the gloss of rain or weight 
of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always—home, 
always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon 
like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop 
and every window, of one country—all of us—
facing the stars 
hope—a new constellation
waiting for us to map it, 
waiting for us to name it—together


  1. that was an awesome poem...and it was moving seeing all the people today...wish i could have been there...not too far from there myself...

  2. I wish I was as confident as you are, Syd. There is nothing like the pageantry of the installation of our new leader. I didn't watch, but I will listen to the speech on YouTube. :)

  3. I like that poem. Many, many Canadians are happy for this day in the US also, and I'm one of them.

  4. It was a beautiful speech. To my ears. To my heart.

  5. I pray that we can move together as a country and tackle gay rights, global warming and keep our children safe.

  6. Thrilling to read this, Syd, and to see the joyful crowd. America is changing and in many ways for the better

  7. There were SO many people there!

  8. That is one of the beautiful things about our country. From slavery to Civil Rights to electing this man president and there were no riots in the streets. We still have work to do in this country though on civil rights.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful poem!

  9. Forgive my skepticism, it is a bad outlook, but even though it was the most liberal speech I have ever heard from This President, there is still no indication of the will to fight for the small and them growing more impoverished every day. Words are important I will admit but bringing them to action are another thing altogether and I don't see where the senate and the house are going to become less obstructionist. I didn't hear McConnell say he would work with this administration (matter of fact I didn't even see McConnell there).

    Time will tell he has nothing to lose and maybe he will realize that a majority of people in this country are fighting for their livelihoods as well as their lives. Not lives of plenty but just simple lives where bills get paid and houses remain homes, where children all over the land can go to school and politics takes a back seat to the needs of the nation.

    I am not giving up on this president but Obama is far to centrist for most of them who voted for him, now we shall see if he can accomplish something in the street fight called American Politics.

    1. Thank you for your input I have to agree with your post

  10. It was empowering to see the amasses of people with hope in their hearts and a president confident and poised. What I saw was the unity of a nation that will end all the disasters we are faced with. Without unity in congress we cannot move forward. I pray for his peace.

  11. I was empowered seeing this nation come together with support and hope for a better tomorrow. I only hope that the unity we saw will continue throught the next four years. President Obama is devout, humble, sincere and he is for all the people in our nation. Let's hope and pray the divide in congress will end and then this nation will move forward.

  12. Bernadette barberaJanuary 22, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    I was extremely moved by the unity of our nation yesterday in hoping to move forward to a better tomorrow. I only prayer for unity inside our congress to allow decisions to be made in order for this nation to thrive as one. Peace.

  13. I too loved Richard Blanco's soaring poem that sought to unite the country with reminding us of our day to day common experiences and how we are all connected. The poem itself reminds me of some of Walt Whitman's poems.


  14. That was a beautiful poem. So many people! I am having trouble posting tonight so I have to go Anonymous! Tori


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