Saturday, May 25, 2013


It has been one of those rare days in late spring when the humidity is low and the temperature cool. I can't remember when it has been this pleasant so late into May. 

I spent most of the day on the boat. I did some walking this afternoon, going to a spot to photograph some wild flowers. 

I have no resentment or anger today. All that was in me seemed to evaporate after writing about what I was feeling, looking at my part, and reading your comments. 

I continue to do a fourth step inventory on those resentments that come up on occasion. I look at what I am feeling and what's my part in keeping the resentment going.  Usually, it comes down to fear--of the unknown, of being rejected, of not being good enough. I hear my father's voice telling me to stand up for myself, which I equated to mean don't let others take advantage of you. 

Today is just contentment. In reviewing the day, I haven't had anything happen to interrupt my peace of mind. It was a good idea to be on the boat which is truly my sanctuary.



  1. nice..i am glad that you are felling better after getting it out was a gorgeous day here today as well...Steve E is up here from FL visiting and we went for a hike to celebrate his birthday and my wedding anniversary and everything was so green and alive...

  2. Hi Syd,

    Seems as though your detaching action from personal 'stuff' has worked beautifully for you.

    Thanks for the lovely picture of the flowers.

    Have a glorious and peaceful holiday weekend.

    Hugs and love,
    Anonymous #1

  3. Good for you Syd. We are responsible for retaining our own sanity. Whatever you definition of sanity is, may you hold on to it tightly.

  4. Woohoo for working through it! Contentment is such a pleasant place to be.

  5. You are such an honest and open person, Syd, and willing to work on whatever issues arise. I've learned a lot from your posts. I'm glad you are having a good day.

  6. Glad you are feeling better Syd.

    We all have those times of unbalance. At least that is how I see them. You know how to put things in balance again by simply shifting the weight. All of the shifts are what makes us better people. I know how out of balance my life was when Alex was in the middle of his addiction. It took major shifts in me to strike a balance in myself. After I learned he was not the one responsible for shifting my fulcrum.

    We all work towards that shift, even you my teacher. You were one of those wise people that helped me learn how to shift when I saw no way of moving. Glad to hear you reaching a spot of contentment.

  7. Your remark " I can't remember when it has been this pleasant so late into May." made me smile. Up here in Ohio we were complaining and saying "I can't remember when it has been this darn cold so late into May."

  8. Just reading your title, 'Contentment', makes me smile. I can imagine what that feels like and I am happy that you are in that place.


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