Friday, May 31, 2013

Pandora has a new box

Pandora, my in-laws cat, is having to adjust to a new life at our house.  She may be nearly 13 years old. It's hard to know her birthday because she was adopted by my wife's parents when she was abandoned years ago.

She was much loved by them, perching in Pop's lap when he read the paper or watched television.  Pandora was by Mom's side during her last days and stayed with her after she died.

Now she is here with us, in a strange house, having to adjust to two other cats who are amiable but not to her liking.  I am sure that things will sort themselves out as they usually do with animals.  There is much posturing and hissing from her.  She runs for cover into her crate, but then will venture out to be petted and hugged.  Animals learn to adapt, but I feel sad that she doesn't have the comfort and familiar smells of her human's house.

Tomorrow, we will collect the keys to the house and can begin to make the necessary fix-ups of waxing floors, painting the interior and cleaning carpets before listing the house.  The caregivers are staying until the very last minute--the stroke of midnight.  I say nothing because this is not my business.

This morning I worked out, went to a meeting, and then to lunch with my sponsor.  He has had a challenging time lately, but is also learning to adapt to situations that are different.  I only wish that we humans could make transitions as easily as our animals, not holding on to things, working thoughts and emotions over and over in our heads.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend here.  The heat has moved in though which means humidity is not far behind.  Next week I am leaving on the boat for a few days.  This weekend I'll be doing some towing on the water, delivering gas to those who run out, bringing boats whose engines have quit back to marinas and landings, and pulling people off of shoals.  Even though the days are long, it's never a dull moment when people and boats are involved.  But I'm using my Captain's license which is good.

Happy Friday to all of you.


  1. Animals are the most resilient creatures. They eventually find their place. It's never easy to sort through a home where loved ones once lived. Wishing you and yours peace in the process. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. There is always a difficulty in change, isn't there? I hope that Pandora comes to find peace in her new home.

    Now you be safe out on the water.

  3. Wow,Syd - - - you sound very happily busy! You have experienced so much that is sad for the past couple of months; I hope things will keep looking up for you.

    As for the kitty, since you and C still have access to the 'home place' perhaps you could claim a small throw pillow or something like that - that has the smell of her loved ones to give her, until she accustoms herself to the new smells.

    Good luck with the new member of the family.

    Hugs and love,
    Anonymous #1

  4. ugh on them still there..i am glad you are giving the cat a new home and the adjustments will be made...your love will fill the gap a bit...hope you have a good weekend brother...and the house fix ups go well for you

  5. How odd that the caretakers will be there until the last possible moment ... I hope all goes well. Anon#1 had a good idea, I think, about a small fabric item which might bring comfort to Pandora. Good luck with the work; may it go swiftly and smoothly.

  6. Thanks for the interesting posts. I'm a reformed alcoholic who has been dry for 13 years. Just like to convey a message of hope to all sufferers that it's well worthwhile. Whereas my life revolved round the next drink, following quitting it's just got a whole lot better.
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  7. It is good your caregivers really did move out. I use to get mad at my grandmother because she would ask strangers to do things for her big things. It would seem she was taking advantage of the generosity of others.

    Her behavior embarassed the family but later I realized this was the way she survived as a young widow with 9 children. It had become part of her personality and it she never saw it as manipulation the way we did. It wasn't personal.

    It sounds like your caregivers live a little like nomads and were probably happy you wife was so generous with the invitation to stay. I guess the benefit of this life is that they are available to be caregivers in short notice.

    I don't think I could live like that getting use to a new place all the time. I would be more like Pandora hissing and spitting.

  8. When our puppy came to live with us, our cat moved herself to the basement, only coming upstairs at night when the dog was asleep in my daughters room. That went on for about a year or so. Then one day, she just up and decided enough was enough I guess and abandoned her self imposed exile. They both tolerate one another now. I hope the caregivers surprise you and leave the house in excellent condition.

  9. Happy Friday to you, too, Syd.

    I'm sure we could learn a lot from the way animals adapt- I guess they do such a good job because they don't have much of a choice. If only we could surrender and accept that we don't have much of a choice in many situations we find ourselves in, too.

  10. Awe poor kitty! She sounds like a sweety. This tugs at my heart a bit because animals always had a special place in my heart.

    Enjoy your boat sounds like an adventure!

  11. Pandora opening the mythological box of troubles with hope at the bottom. Cats are far more pragmatic than dogs in my experience and I hope Pandora settles down in her new home.

    Aye, aye Captain Syd! I like reading about you on the water.

  12. By the time you read this your caretaker problem should be over with. THAT was one pain in the ass you did not need or deserve not C and not you what classlessness those people have. Well you have your plans set for ship and shore so chart your course and go Syd. I always liked high rollers when i was at sea and if you're the same i wish you to have your fill of them if not may smooth seas be your immediate future for a bit.

  13. Syd, your posts bring me such peace. Seeing Pandora curled up... it's heart-warming. And thank you for the reminder that It's a struggle for all living creatures to adjust to a new environment.

  14. I hope the caretakers left. I truly can imagine that they needed that place to stay until the last moment, but then I have frequently in my life lived from hand to mouth. I don't think they are doing this TO you, they are just living and it is just affecting you.

    Pandora looks sad. But I don't think cats are as sentimental as we would like to believe they are.

  15. Syd, after my mother died in 2010, we inherited her 11 year old calico cat. That poor kitty had a very strange life with my mother, and was very skittish when living with her. Wouldn't you know, she absolutely blossomed when she was living with us (and our 2 cats), and she became one of the lights of my life. Unfortunately, she had an enlarged heart, and passed away suddenly a year and a half after my mom died. Still, she brought so much joy to us (and I think we brought joy to her). Your new family member will adjust. You and C. are loving people, and Pandora will respond to that. It just takes a little time.

  16. Happy Friday to you too, Syd.


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