Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am out on the boat and had hoped to stay through tomorrow afternoon. But now NOAA weather has said that the coastline is under a tropical storm warning. So tomorrow morning I will be heading back in to beat the increasing winds. 

I came out to the anchorage on Tuesday. Last evening, the sunset was spectacular. A rain shower came through and afterwards, the gulls were calling and the noise of the waves crashing on the beach provided the only sounds needed. 

I will clean up the boat in the morning and get home to make sure all will be okay there before the storm comes. We are supposed to have about 15 people over for a picnic on Saturday. Maybe the worst of the rain will be over by then.

I went to see Pop before going out on the boat and he was surprisingly good and also talking to me. He is so thin with arms and legs like sticks. But he seems to be eating more lately which is good. I feel good when I come away from seeing him and know that he is eating and communicating. 

Another fellow asked me to sponsor him last week. So when one walked away after a year and a half saying that recovery was no longer a priority, it was good that another asked me immediately to work with him on the Steps. I get a lot from working with others. I am helped by going through the steps again and again. It keeps everything about recovery fresh in my head. I am grateful for the chance to help another and by doing so, help myself. 

I will check back in as the storm moves up the coast. Happy Wednesday to all of you.


  1. Just talked to my son who is supposed to be going to Dog Island tomorrow with friends for his birthday. This is such a big deal to him. If the captain of the boat they've chartered will take them, they're going.
    Only time will tell. And good practice for me in letting go of that which I cannot control.
    More sighs.

  2. Beautiful picture of the sunset, there, Syd.

    I am glad you were asked to sponsor someone and that you get so much out of it.

  3. Syd,

    This looks so beautiful. I am glad that you are still posting.

  4. sounds like some positive steps for safe...those tropical storms are no know that though...i am sure it is good to go back through the steps with them as well...happy wednesday man

  5. Aye Cap'n, it is beautiful out to sea. You got that part right, the more you teach or work with someone else on something the more entrenched into your own soul it becomes.

  6. That top pictures is so amazing! Thanks for sharing. I am dying for the ocean and beach time. It is chilly and gloomy here in the upper mid-west. Spring isn't doing well and it looks like summer is going to be a cool one. Upside all this rain here is making everything green and the farmers are probably sighing relief because of last years drought.

    I digress, I am glad you you got to see your Dad and get a new Sponsee. I have only been in the program 10 months and I set goal to be an Al-teen sponsor with in the next two years. I really have to work my program. Anyway, stay safe in that weather.

  7. Hi Syd,

    I've been watching the storm's progress, since the east and Gulf coasts are my 'back home' territory.

    June is a bit early for Charleston to be worrying about storms; usually the spring tides do more harm this time of year.

    You are wise to head for safe harbor. And, I, too would like to know you have arrived in that safe harbor with little or no difficulty. (Yes - I know - you have a great HP; I just like to think that I can help Him with my worry mode. Some things just can't be changed. Too late now to put you in my God Box for safekeeping; I'll just keep you in my heart until you are safely home.

    Anonymous #1

  8. Syd,
    Thinking of you and hoping you are safe and sound through the storm.


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