Friday, January 17, 2014

Birthday thoughts

Today is my birthday. And I am having a happy day. 

My sadness that I wrote about in the last post went away after a good night's sleep. I am glad not to be stuck in feeling sad for too long. I like to focus on the positive but everyone has "those" days.
Anyway, the above is what my lovely wife fixed for breakfast. A good healthy omelet to start this birthday. 

She gave me a huge birthday gift--landscaping of our backyard to include an outdoor fireplace and eating area. The photo shows the slate walkway being put in. In about another week, we will be enjoying our newly landscaped backyard.
went to a good meeting this morning, saw some recovery friends including a new fellow I sponsor.  He is a sad mess as most of us are when we figure out we can't fix those we love. But he is learning to trust me which is good. Most of us don't know how to trust when we come into the rooms. Trust has been lost and promises broken. Hopefully, as we work together healing will occur.

Thank you for your comments, kicks in the ass to get over myself, and plain talk when I needed those very things. You guys rock. 


  1. Wow. I'm jealous of your new backyard (and also that you have weather to enjoy it in winter!)

    I'm so glad you're feeling better.

  2. YOU rock and what a beautiful present and it will be spring soon and won't that be a joy to have, that lovely space outside?
    Happy birthday, Syd. I can say it no more plainly than- I am glad you were born. Enjoy!

  3. Syd, You rock!!! NO, NO, NO!!!! Correct that!


    Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday, Syd! I do so enjoy your blog, your thoughts, encouragement, and your great photos. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. wow. what a cool wife to give such a gift...that will be very cool and something you can enjoy together...i am glad that you had a good day...and that the shadow is gone so quick...

  6. Oh gosh! So beautiful! Post more pictures when it's done! Please? : ) happy birthday my friend.

  7. You keep the backyard..just send me the omelet.

    I hope it was the best day of the year just passed Syd and the today is the worst day of the year ahead.

    Be Well

  8. Happy Birthday!
    You are one of the most serene people
    I hope your day is awesome!

  9. Happy Birthday Syd. I knew you wouldn't be in the "dumps" too long. What a great gift from will both enjoy it.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday - glad you bounced back, and - wow - what a gift from your lovely C! May you both have many more birthdays, Syd.

  11. Glad you enjoyed your day Syd. What a a wonderful gift from C. I am sure the two of you will enjoy spending a lot of time there with friends! A day spent outside always gives us a better outlook!

  12. Happy be-lated birthday Syd! Love the backyard!

  13. Hey what's ajllthag green stuff??? Oh grass and leaves I forgot what it looks like. Winter has been long and cold OK not cold but Arctic misry of awefulness here in the Great Lakes. My beach across the street was frozen for about 3 months straight.

    Any glad you had a good birthday and did not stay in a funk. Sorry I have been MIA sense January. Not real reason I missed reading you blog! I will be pisting soin myself.


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