Friday, February 21, 2014

At the convention

This is the view outside our room at the state Al-Anon convention. We arrived yesterday just as the fog was rolling in from the ocean. And here is how the view looked later in the afternoon.

But the walk on the beach this morning as the sun was coming up was wonderful. I prefer to look at the ocean rather than the high rise hotels that line the beach. 

The convention will be going through Sunday.  Workshops and speakers over the next few days. And many more walks on the beach. 

Here is a photo from a sail with a friend on his cat boat on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. Just a few of us guys out for a few hours. 

Well, I am going to go get ready to go to the morning meeting. Hope that you have a nice day.


  1. Ah. I need me some water. Badly. Oh wait- I'm getting it right now as the rain rolls in.
    Not the same.
    Y'all have a great time at the convention. And on those walks.

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. Encouraging to remember --there are conventions to connect to other friends of the program

  3. glad it cleared to blue storm just got here...while it was overcast earlier...the winds are vicious right now...the flags might tear off the pole...ha...have fun at the conference man...hope its a good time of fellowship and sharing....

  4. glad the fog rolled out.enjoy your time at the convention

  5. Enjoy the convention. Maybe you'll get some new ideas to post.

  6. Spying beach and ocean through foggy morning from balcony of high-rise hotel is nice also. Makes me realize how so much truth is hidden, until one day the "sunlight of the Spirit" breaks through...

    I LOVE attending those conferences of our fellowship. Enjoy this time of greeting, meeting, growing, and learning, Syd.

  7. Just wanted to stop by and send you a hug and love. Thanks for carrying the message as well as you so.


  8. Oh how I miss the ocean and palm trees!! I love conventions. I can't wait for the Spring Assembly in May.


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