Friday, February 14, 2014

A worthy cause

I haven't posted something like this before.  But the young lady, Judy, is someone I know and can tell you that she has an inspiring story of strength and hope.  You can read about her story here at College Fund.

Her goal is to go to college and then nursing school.  She has overcome so much in her short life.  If you can donate a few dollars towards helping her achieve her goal, it would be much appreciated.

My wife and I know her family.  I can tell you that they are wonderful people. And they are appreciative of being in this country. If you have any questions, email me. Thank you!


  1. thanks for the heads up on her...i will pop over and read her story...and see what we can do...

  2. Syd,

    Thank you for the heads up. Happy to help.

  3. Thank you. She is truly an inspiring young woman. And she is working hard to be self- supporting through her own contributions. An amazing 20 year old!

  4. Today is my birthday ... so I will celebrate by sending her a contribution. I read her story and I'm sure she will be a very caring nurse when she gets there.

  5. Thank you Syd for sharing this with us.....

  6. I was fortunate to have grants through college, my life would have been dramatically different there were no funds to further my education. All five of my siblings also attended university!


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