Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday on the island

More stream of consciousness happenings in Paradise City and my little piece of paradise:

  • Saint Patrick's Day madness has gripped the town this weekend.  It all started on Friday with a continuous party going through Saturday. Peace has returned to the land and the villagers are happy once again. The streets are now clear of drunken partiers.  The drunken crackers, drag strip officials, NASCAR losers, vacant fratboys, vapid sorority chicks, dudes that have a Budweiser as an appendage, and loutish jerks are now a thing of the immediate past.  This town isn't as crazy as Savannah, but the streets still smell like a frat house after a wild beer bash.  I was glad to get away from the city yesterday and head back to the sublime silence of the island, punctuated only by the sound of waves breaking on the sandbars and birds singing and performing their morning concert. 
  • The blue glow of the moon has ushered in a new day that promises to be beautiful and peaceful. The seabirds fly in the sea breeze and dolphins cruise just beyond the breakers that gently lap the shore. There is a hint of rain coming. Today will be an inside day to work on furniture in the workshop. And at noon, I am meeting an old friend from college that I haven't seen in many years. We are going to catch up on life. 
  • Two of our dogs, Deacon and Tobias, decided to take off around 11 PM on Wednesday night.  He and the rest of the dogs were out for their evening pee. The rascals must have gotten scent of something so they decided to head down the drive.  We live a mile down a dirt road--lots of things to smell.  So C. and I drove the road calling for him until 2 AM.  I found Tobias walking along, looking sheepish.  But no Deacon.  Early on Thursday morning, we put flyers in mailboxes in the area, called people, put up a large sign on the front fence and drove the roads every couple of hours.  I think that we both gave up by Friday morning. We knew that it was going to be a body recovery, looking for buzzards in the sky to give us a clue.  Our hearts were leaden. Neither of us could eat much.  I thought--here we go again with death and grief.  On Friday night around 10:30 PM, we got a call from a neighbor at a nearby plantation telling me that she thought she had our dog. I had called them on Thursday, and they kept the information.  Evidently, Deacon had followed their beagle Woody through the short cut wooded trail to their plantation.  He was happy relaxing with Woody in their house when we got there.  None the worse for wear, we hugged Deacon and the good people who took him in and called us.  Extra precautions are being made to make sure that Deacon and Tobias don't go out for their evening walk without a leash on.  After getting the wayward boy home, we slept soundly for the first time in a couple of days.  
  • The anniversary of my father's death passed without sadness. I thought of him many times that day. Now, I am concerned about my first sponsor who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I am hoping that it can be treated. More will be revealed for him. For now, he is accepting of the diagnosis. 
  • At the District Al-Anon meeting yesterday, I volunteered to do additional service work for the District.  I was really motivated by a speaker at the convention who was inspirational in what she does. After the meeting, a group of us went out to lunch.  It was great fun to have a meeting after the meeting and enjoy some great discussions.  
  • Friday is my wife's birthday.  We are going out to a play on Thursday evening.  Friday we leave for a cruise up the waterway to another favorite anchorage.  Some other boats will be joining us there. 
Hope that you are enjoying your Sunday.


  1. Oh, that moon! Oh, to be at the shore today, watching the dolphins and the sea birds! But it is so windy here. I am afraid it would not be peaceful at all. I need to get in the garden and plant things which requires weeding and hoeing and oh, Syd! I am not in the mood.
    Anyway, may your wife's birthday be such a good one and may the dogs always come back safely.

  2. maybe that rain today will wash away the smell of st pats know....smiles....leaving the ocean smells....and i am glad you got pups back...hard not to worry when they are gone and you start to lose hope.....have a great time celebrating your wife...smiles.

  3. I use to have a dog that escaped every chance she got even in her old age of 17 years she was a free spirit. When she wasn't escaping she stayed by my side and never left me alone for a minute. I miss her. Beautiful moon shot.

  4. I'm glad your dog was ok.

    Even when I was in the grip of my addiction, I hated the smell of after-party on the streets of Philly on Sunday mornings.

  5. good news, good news, good news... and most importantly, your pup is back, yay!!! may your peaceful state of mind last forever, and happy birthday to your wife for Friday...

  6. So glad Deacon is safe at home. I know all is much better now.

  7. What a great post! I loved all the pictures and stories of YOUR life. Thank you Syd for sharing with us here. I am so happy Deacon is home. I could share a funny story of me chasing one of Molly's little tiny dogs (7lbs) who got out.....she ran into the woods and I had to climb over fences and gates (I was as amazed as you probably are that I *could*..but I did) and as I make my way over the last fence, she darts back through the field fencing and into the yard and up onto the deck to wait for me to let her in. LOL What a comedy show that was!
    Anyway, thank you for such a happy post.

  8. So much happening for you Syd, the turbulence and flow and beauty of it all. Nothing worse than a lost dog and I am glad Deacon is back home safe and sound. Prayers for your sponsor. Happy b'day to C on Friday. Your photos are so beautiful --

  9. One good thing about the 'hood--no one is Irish descent except for me and I don't drink so there was none of that foolishness going on. Glad your dogs made it home OK Syd. Joann still misses the dog that killed the bear. Have a good one Cap'n fair winds and smooth seas.

  10. So glad both puppies are home safe and sound. Our dogs are just like children to us. They are such comfort and incredible little forces of love. I really enjoy your photos.

  11. «waves breaking on the sandbars and birds singing and performing their morning concert.» = what beautiful writing !
    Always love to hear those doggie stories :)
    Thank you for your posts.

  12. Your photo of the moon is amazing! I have tried and tried to takes pics of big moons and they end up looking like tiny specks.

    I was so relieved to hear that Deacon is back home. I think your family has had enough of loss and death for a while.

    Happy Birthday to C.

  13. I;m sure that Deacon had no idea of all the heartache that you suffered when he was out romping !! So glad he's home safe and sound.


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