Friday, March 28, 2014

What a week

Well, we had a glorious time on the boat over the weekend. My sweetheart had a great birthday dinner on Thursday evening followed by a play at one of the city theaters. On Friday, we cast off lines and headed up the coast to one of the more beautiful barrier islands. It is noted for its "boneyard" of trees that have fallen due to storms and the shifting sands of a barrier island.

We shared the island with about 35 Scouts from a nearby troop.  They were camped in a tent city on the windward side of the island, while we were anchored away from the inlet and a bit in the lee.

We had walks on the beach and cooked Saturday night's dinner over a campfire. It was so relaxing to be there and enjoy the view and the rocking of the boat.  I have said this before--I could spend weeks on end doing cruising, dropping the hook whenever I am ready, and exploring new places.

Things got a bit more complex after getting home.  My wife had eye surgery yesterday.  It was scheduled, and she is doing well.  My first sponsor was admitted to the hospital again with breathing difficulties. He has a serious diagnosis so sending good thoughts his way would be much appreciated.

The complications came about because he has his beloved dog and cat living in his apartment. It has been a terribly hard decision for him, but he has decided to give up his animals because he can no longer take care of them due to his illness. Many phone calls and text messages were made to find homes for them. I am amazed at the wonderfully supportive network of people who love animals. It warmed my heart to know that people were willing to drive for 5 hours to get the dog, a greyhound that he adopted through a rescue group.  I needed some restoration of good will in fellow humans.

I am feeling a lot of concern about my sponsor.  But I know that he is being taken care of in the hospital. Things happen so quickly with illnesses.  One day a person is doing okay, and the next there is some life-threatening illness occurring. I have learned how important it is to have all affairs in order.  One never knows.

I had my own appointment yesterday.  Last week, I had a "thunderclap" headache after doing a Cross Fit workout. It came on so quickly and was so stunningly painful that I could barely move.  Thankfully, the terrible pain subsided after about two minutes. And gradually the headache went away after an hour.  The trainer thought that the episode needed evaluating, so I saw my doctor yesterday.  I am getting a CT scan next week. I am sure that I am okay, but it doesn't hurt to check. Thunderclap headaches can be associated with blood leakage in vessels in the brain. Nothing to mess around with.

Today, my wife goes in for her post-operative checkup.  She is tired from the anesthesia.  But we hope to have lunch after the appointment and then come home to relax.  Both of us are ready to sail away again!

I am thankful for the calmness that I have learned through Al-Anon.  So many of these things would have had me in knots years ago. I still have concerns but realize that panic isn't an option.

Hope that your week is stress free. Or at least the stress is manageable. Later....


  1. It sounds to me like, while this is a trying time with a lot of uncertainty, you're handling it well and using your program. I wish I were as settled and calm in such times.

  2. Oh my god! That sky!
    May all be well with your head. It's funny how things can be so weird and yet mean absolutely nothing. But yes, best to check.
    The wind is coming in today here and the rain will be following but my spirits are good and I am grateful for all of it. This is how I love to feel. Accepting of that which is, feeling so little of the crazy.
    That doesn't seem like much to ask, does it? And yet, not always possible for me to achieve.
    I love the idea of you and your sweetheart being able to sail away into that blue sky, living each moment to the very fullest.

  3. What a blessing to be able to get on your boat and just sail into the peacefulness that is found at a distance from life's problems. Praying for both of you and for your sponsor.

  4. Good Lord, Please let us know what you find out about your headache. That sounds scary.....but like you said, you are probably fine. I am praying so. Glad C is recovering from her eye sounds like a beautiful peaceful place to recuperate. Bless your hearts Syd, both you and C. You have so many blessings...thank you for sharing them here with us and for being such a wonderful example of navigating the rough stuff.

  5. Syd, I did not "hear" any stress while reading this post. But also I was not "looking" for it. You have demonstrated for a long time now, especially after retiring, that you learned how to LIVE LIFE, and how to PASS IT ON, and always looking forward to the next sail. Many of us have learned from your counsel. Many MORE wish they could drop that anchor at will, and enjoy exploration of new "frontiers".

    Glad your wife doing OK. Hope you consider--if appropriate--shingles vaccination. I had shingles episodes in my head for a few years, and NO problem after that. (Depends on the cause of your "thunderclap" headache.) Hope it is nothing serious.
    PEACE and LIGHT!

  6. I hope your headache was an anomaly and not something more serious.

    I didn't realize you were doing crossfit. Good for you!

    Sending good thoughts to your sponsor, you and your wife.

  7. i am glad that in the midst of it you can still find your calm syd...the time on the boat and beach sound nice...glad the surgery went well for your wife and hope the follow up goes well as well...and prayers for your true in how fast things change when it comes to illness....have a great weekend man...

  8. Stress has become such an integral part of life now for us that it is our new normal Syd. *shrug* Still ain't reaching for a fifth though so in a way it's all good. may the spirit of the creator lay his hand on your friend and may you find your headache was from too much cold water after working out.

  9. I am so glad that you and C had the relaxing days on the boat before you came home to such stress. I love your travels and go along vicariously. Thanks. I'll try to send good vibes to your Sponsor. Guess what? On Wed. night I gave my sponsor her 40 year chip !!

  10. Syd I've had many ops for detaching retinas and cataracts -- my eyesight stable now and the advances in surgery are wonderful. Sending all best wishes and positive thoughts to C.

    Hoping your health stays fine and that the headache was just a headache.

  11. Thunderclap headache. Been there. 'nuff said.

  12. I will keep you and your sponsor in my prayers. It sounds like you are doing well dancing in the mist of the storm. Hugs

  13. Wishing your sponsor good control of his symptoms, and peace.

  14. Love the pic ! Thanks for making me smile :)

  15. I hope your ct scan gave a good result Syd and the headache was just a warning not to push yourself too hard in the future. I wish C a good recovery and that your sponsor is comfortable and at peace with the world. Al-anon goes on giving, peace and serenity help us through the toughest of times.


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