Saturday, May 31, 2014

Catching up and letting go

We got back home from Mexico after a marathon at the airport in Phoenix. Long lines in security caused delays, and we missed our connecting flight by 5 minutes. We finally got home around 10:30 AM the following day.  Strange how such a delightful vacation can end so abruptly as a problem occurs. But we were simply tired and not angry or disturbed. I saw a lot of people who were arguing with the airlines and getting worked up. It was not the airlines problem. And there was nothing that could be done. So we talked, had dinner, and looked at our photos.

After getting home, I felt really tired. I came down with a head cold within two days and have felt pretty miserable.  But I am now on the mend.

My wife was surprised by the landscaping magic that occurred while we were gone. It was a present to her. And it turned out beautifully.  There are still a few finishing touches to be done (and the orange cones aren't staying!).  But we have been enjoying the transformation.

I also sold my first sailboat which has been living on a trailer for the last three years. She left today with her new owner.  This makes me happy.  I had to wait until I got to a point when I felt that I was no longer emotionally attached to the boat.  And I know that she is going to a great new owner who is so thrilled to get her. 

Somehow it seems that our trip is now so far away.  It was a wonderful time. But I am ready to be a home body for a few months. And I am looking forward to getting back out on my boat next week.  My wife will be heading up to Nantucket for her annual get away with a few friends. 

I was talking to a fellow on Tuesday night after the meeting. He asked me how I stopped obsessing over other people that I loved.  I said that it came about gradually--a little bit of letting go over time, until I finally realized that obsessing was just wasted energy that fueled anger and anxiety.  And then it was the realization that the other person has a higher power, no matter what that is, but I knew that I wasn't it.  It is hard to explain the relief of not obsessing about what others do.  I have no control over them and could let them be. 

I hope to get around to reading more of your posts.  I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs. Happy Saturday to all of you. 


  1. Syd, it is raining here. A beautiful evening shower with distant thunder. I am two days home now and remembering the rain as it fell in Cozumel and how grateful I was for it there as I am here, especially when a friend told us that they had had such a dry spring on the island.
    I am learning to let go of things that I cannot control and simply enjoy that which happens as much as I can. It is not an easy lesson for me but I am trying.
    Your landscaping looks absolutely beautiful.

  2. Sometimes letting to is a continual process. There are times I can feel myself being pulled back into the obsessive concern, but I recommit myself to not stewing in it as it's an unhealthy place for me to be.

    You make me long for a trip on a sailboat. It's on my list of dream vacations.

  3. So glard you are safely home. Your memories - with the collection of photos - will give you great pleasure and comfort someday, I can assure you of that.

    Anonymous #1

  4. I am so glad you are home safe and sound. I am not obsessing so much anymore, most of the time at least, but I am just so sad lately. Kind of resigned and just sad. Its not my usual...but I loved your comment today about sitting Shiva. It was very comforting....just to be reminded that there are other rituals and other ways to grieve and to just be with what we are feeling. Mary Christine commented a post ago that sometimes we just don't feel well and its ok. I think I am learning how to not push myself to be anything other than what I am at the moment. Its a relief. If I had been closer, you know I would have been over with a big casserole, salad and dessert for you and I would have sat with you both for as long as you wanted the company. <3

  5. ha. its funny how it seems right after vacation they are so far away....smiles...i am liking what the yard looks like...very cool....and realizing there is many things we can not change helps in that letting go as well....just dont start singing the song from frozen or i will cover my ears...ha....

  6. It is so much easier just to let go....once you learn how. What I say to myself is "everyone is doing the best they can with what they know" and leave it at that.

  7. Just discovered your blog and have already found some helpful advice. Thank you, and plan to continue seeing your posts! --Kristen,

  8. Syd, what a beautiful gift! I would love that!

  9. Glad you made it home all safe and sound.

    Not much going on with me except enjoying each day as it comes and enjoying grandkids. Also sometimes I just look at my son in wonder about where we have been and where we are now.

    Be safe and be happy my friend.

  10. Hick-up's happen, ranting and being obnoxious isn't going to resolve anything any faster... I don't like how so many people do that.

    Your garden is looking lovely. And in time for spring too! Enjoy watching it grow!

    On the P.S. I now have an 18-year old, going on 80 apparently, because he knows absolutely more and better than me. It's hard to watch his decisions sometimes, his actions sometimes more so. But they ARE his, and I can't be held responsible for them, and although I understand that and try to act accordingly, it is HARD!

  11. Enthralled with the landscaping and hoping to see the garden growing into fullness and finding out more about the planting.

    Good that you both had a good holiday even if getting back was delayed and tiring.

  12. By working my program shifts in my life have come slowly...and sometimes quickly
    By letting go of the results that I want to happen and allowing the growth to emerge in it's own time seems to work best for me.
    More is revealed there is not finishing line......

  13. Syd, I've looked in a few times, and you seem like you have the answers. Definitely give up on obsessing about what others do, that is a waste of time. You are a wise man, and I'm pleased that you had a fine time in Mexico.

  14. The Landscaping look Great.I hope the Boats new owners have as much pleasure our of her as you did.I hope you have a great weekend,Brother.

  15. Welcome back home, Syd. The landscaping is lovely. As I've mentioned to you my middle son has latched on to Alanon and really loves it. I've turned him on to your blog and he's going back and reading lots of the good words that you've written. Thanks for that.

  16. Thanks for your inspirational writing. I wanted to send you this link to a recovery blog I am writing; it is a set of daily meditations based on inspirational movie quotes.

    Thanks for letting me be of service.

    Recovery on Film:

  17. Glad you had a great trip! You had a connector in my town! :) bummer it wasn't a pleasant one, but sounds like you and C were able to be a good example for those around you. Surrendering is such a relief and handing over those that I love to their own HP, talk about freeing up a lot of my time!! Gives me time to work on my own program and experience those miracles just waiting for me to pay attention. :)


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