Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rough riding and some smooth sailing

Another incredible day. This one was spent in the hills around La Paz. We signed up for an ATV ride and it was rough country. We busted our bums going down steep rocky dirt paths. We did ride for awhile along the beach and actually stopped for a water break. Then we were off again for a rough ride. I didn't get any photos while we were on the steep grades because we were both occupied with staying on the ATV. 

This is a place where I would like to camp. So many interesting plants. I think if there were horseback riding with camping offered, we would have signed on. Here are some photos from today's adventure.

Yesterday, we walked the streets of Cabo. The land sharks are everywhere trying to sell jewelry, tours, clothing, etc. It is like running a gauntlet. I did buy my wife a stunning hammered silver bracelet and earrings. Supporting the local economy is fine with me. 

We had a great lunch at a local restaurant off the beaten path. We had the most delicious fish tacos. Starvation had set in after walking for hours. It was nice to talk with the owner who told us about his life in Cabo. Everyone has an interesting story to share about their life. Hector worked for a cruise line; Fernando lived in Atlanta for a few years before coming back to his home here; Roberto has fished all his life; and Gill started his sailing business with an old wooden boat. 

We also took a nice early evening sail near Lands End. It made me a little sad because I am missing my boat. I'm not used to having someone else be captain. But it was a nice way to get some photos of the interesting rocks and cliffs between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. 

All photos were taken with the iPhone because I cannot download from my Nikon until I get home. I talked to many people at the docks. We also met Maria who is a beggar. She is a wonderful lady. We talked in a way we each understood onE another. She introduced us to her granddaughter who was beautiful. Most everyone has been gracious and of good humor. Even the land sharks are trying to make a living. 

Okay, it's time to snuggle for sleep. Tomorrow we are taking a skiff to the reef and diving area. Buenos noches from Cabo. 


  1. you gotta love those places off the beaten path...i always try to find the ones that only the locals know about....and what fun on the have had a wonderful adventure on this trip...from horse back riding to ATVs...

  2. MMMMM-HMMMMMM! What a beautiful pictorial blog. I enjoy your comments and descriptions, but the pictures are almost nearly beyond words. Just have a great time; at least you know where to go to take most advantage of 'favorite' people, places, and things!

    By the way, the temp here in the Lowcountry area is 95 today.

    Anonymous #1

  3. What a wonderful bunch of memories you are storing away ... to enjoy later when you will need them most ! Fondly, Ginnie

  4. How nice to get away from your regular life and let someone else take care of you both.

  5. hahahahahaaha being forced to let someone else sail the ship, you could have inspired a mutiny Syd.

  6. It sounds like a beautiful are giving me courage for when Molly goes in February. ;o)

  7. Great photo of Lands End! Sounds like you had a great tour of Cabo through your adventures. I love talking to the local people, so genuine and generous no matter how much or little they had.


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