Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Shadow

Yesterday was one of those days that I would like to not have. I went to bed on Sunday evening watching news about Hurricane Odile on a collision path with Cabo San Lucas.  Now I have only been there one time, but the place was amazing. I thought about the open air restaurants, the simple houses where the residents live, the beggar lady Maria I met at the marina, the marina with all the boats, the horses at the ranch where I rode through the desert, the economy that depends almost totally on tourism.

So I awoke yesterday in the wee hours to see Cabo decimated by a Cat 3 hurricane.  I saw the beautiful airport in shambles, the barrios destroyed, the fancy resorts blown out and the marina trashed.  I heard some people being interviewed saying that everything will be cleaned up in two weeks. How is that possible when it is likely that power won't be back on for at least that long? Anyway,  seeing the damage in photos was bad but living through a Cat 3 gives a whole other definition to hell.

After looking as long as I could at the damage in Cabo, I checked email to learn that a long-time friend died in her sleep early Monday morning. She had just been at an event on Saturday with one of her beloved dogs.  Her last post to everyone on Sunday night was about how happy she was that her dog did well. I'm glad that she had a good two days and died happy.  She was a quiet, unassuming person who loved animals and her family.  She also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis which took her away from riding and competing with her dogs. But she still managed to get around with a cane.

I am not stunned anymore by people dying.  I am sad but realize that more and more of my friends are going to die as time passes.  Over the past year, death has simply been a factor in my life.  It is there like a shadow sometimes, especially on days like yesterday.

I prefer to not have the shadow near me and opt for bright sparkling water, ocean breezes and light days.  I keep the shadow away by traveling to the edge of the marsh.  The grass is going to seed, swaying in the breeze, changing color with the season.  It's an unsettled time of year with thunderstorms threatening in the distance, large cumulonimbus clouds building, and the light changing and moving like the leaves up in the trees.  At these moments, I am so glad to be alive, fully and with such a feeling of love deep inside my soul.

That's what I am feeling at this moment.  Love and peace to you all.


  1. When Cozumel has been hit by hurricanes, it is nothing short of miraculous how quickly things get rebuilt and replanted and up and running. And that is a small island and often the docks are blown out. I am not saying that Cabo isn't suffering horribly for now and that it won't be suffering for some time to come but it seems to me that the Mexican government is far better at hurricane disaster response than the US. After Wilma, which SAT on Cozumel for something like 72 hours, meals and water were being delivered door-to-door within a day after it passed by the military. Electricity (which always seems incredibly funky at best to me there) was back on in days. It was a stark contrast to what happened in New Orleans.
    I hope it is this way in Cabo San Lucas.
    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I am glad that she was happy before she died.
    Nature gives us solace. Every day this is true in my life.

  2. It moves me to read such profound, emotional post from you, Syd. And yes, all these things are life. LIFE IS BIG, Sir! I find it sometimes difficult to hold on to that "attitude of gratitude" during moments/days of chaos, and loss of friends to earthly death. Thanks for your honest postings.
    Love and PEACE and LIGHT to you also, Syd.

  3. The shadow does creep in every now and again. Recognising it and doing what makes you feel good, as you did, is the best way to handle it. Sometime easy to do, sometimes not... Peace and Light to you!

  4. Them old hurricanes have been with you all your life Syd. It's only now that you have grown heart enough to feel the compassion of loss at one less friendly face to chat with.

  5. Beautiful photo! My husbands best friend just passed away a week ago. We attended his 60 party, he was smiling and laughing. I will never forget a women who comforted me in the hospital while my grandmother was leaving the earth..
    She was a war bride from Japan and lived in a small town in the middle of the plains.
    Remember without death there is no life. This has stayed with me for years. Grateful for the kindness of strangers!

  6. I am selfishly happy that you are alive and blogging Syd. At my age I have fewer and fewer old friends still living. It's when I lose a young one that it devestates me.

  7. I like how you've chosen to live fully in the face of shadows.

  8. :( well as long as they handle the follow up better than the katina episode I will be happy.. i suspect they have a better system in place than fema which i have severe doubts about.. but yes even if everything done is still unpleasant to deal with.. I like to think that 'everything is an opportunity for service' so I try to do something along those lines. prayers for others and whatever else I can do.. if there is anything.. Sorry to hear of your friend.. sounds like she was in a good space that day.. I find more people are getting ill or sick.. but not dying as yet.. not looking forward to that but its all part of life.. hard to imagine what it like when older and many friends no longer there..anyway thanks for sharing thoughts.. and hope you and C well as ever.. irish ie ifob


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