Thursday, October 22, 2015

Some glorious days

Indian summer here with warm days and cool nights. We had a glorious time on the boat. All the usual things of relaxing, cooking, long walks on the beach, and dancing to some good music. 

All thoughts of anything bothering me go away when I am out there. I have long thought that I was made to be a wanderer in my soul--a sojourner looking for the next adventure. But my occasional days on the water will suffice. And when I am back on land I long for the simplicity of the boat. Nothing but the sky and water and sand between my toes. 

I am sharing some photos from this trip out. Short post here. Happiness of spirit. 
A companionway door that I found washed up on the beach. It belongs to a beautiful wooden boat that sank in the summer. Her name was One Love. Sad for such a brilliant piece of Hugh Angelman's handiwork to be lost. But I have a small piece of her safe at home ready for restoration.

The dinghy used to row to shore.

Sun setting on a glorious day.
Night falls

At anchor

Cozy and warm inside


  1. Ah. To have such a haven of rest and serenity...
    To know that one must, for the good of the soul, visit it often.

  2. Peace

    The only word I can think of to this post.

  3. I can feel your contentment and feel so happy for you after all the trauma that your area has faced lately. This time next week my family and I will be in Charleston with my Granddaughters wedding the next day.

  4. You have a beautiful life, enjoy it *smiles*

  5. You have created such a magical life. It's a good example for all of us.

  6. That found door is amazing! I'm glad you're restoring it. That's the sort of thing I love to have too -- it has a history and story behind it.


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