Sunday, May 15, 2016

A small vacation

I am writing this while eating freshly picked blackberries from the garden.  The fruit is large, and the bushes are heavy with ripening berries. It's a cool spring day, good for being outside.  As usual, I have been keeping busy the garden, the animals and exercising.

Sadly, we lost another dog this week.  It was unexpected and quick: osteosarcoma of the spine. Two vertebrae were engulfed by the tumor.  So we made the decision to euthanize. I sat on the floor cradling him for about an hour and telling him what a good boy he was.

Today, I removed his dog bed from the bedroom. I put his toys away, holding them to my nose to inhale the scent of this much loved boy.  No matter what I am not prepared for them to go.  So we are down to two dogs now, and both of those are seniors.

C. has been away for a small vacation.  I missed her with an ache of loneliness.   Things seemed so empty without her being here.  Yesterday, when I picked her up from the airport, I felt as if I was emerging from a fog created by my being alone and mourning the loss of our dog.

We went by the seafood market to get some soft shell crab for dinner. Tossed them in coconut flour and fried in olive oil, they were delicious.  Soft shells are a delicacy that many people don't appreciate, but growing up on Chesapeake Bay, I was exposed to them and other regional culinary delights when I was a child.  Shad roe fried with scrambled eggs, she crab soup, brined mackerel--all good memories.

I took the senior dogs for a walk on Friday evening and captured some of the beauty of the place where we live.  I hope that you enjoy these.


  1. Oh, Syd. I have thought so much about you for various reasons today. It is one of those every-day miracles to find you here, with new words.
    I am so sorry about your old dog. We love and are loved by these animals. It is one of the miracles of being human.
    Life and death. All part of it.
    Peace to you and your beloved.

  2. So sorry to hear about a second dog to mourn. Very hard. Your meal sounds wonderful and I love those scenic views of the places you live in.

  3. I'm so sorry about your dog Syd. It is so painful to lose our trusted and loved companions.

  4. May you find both your joy and your travails and experience the losses as temporary. Your beloved dog has hopefully found his place in the peace of things that surround you in your beloved low-country.

  5. You gave to your dog as the dog gave to you, an aspect of comfort. For that you and it were good for each other. I am sure somewhere in that beautiful place you live in Syd, the void won't be empty long. The dog can not be replaced but the hole can be filled.

  6. :( Syd.. so sad. Great photos. Thanks for sharing about your dog and the lovely views.. yes from the corner of the eye.. probably a glimpse.. heavy on the heart but animals deal with death with such grace god love them. Best to you and C


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