Sunday, May 22, 2016

A few things on Sunday

I am posting a few thoughts from today:

Been really torn up over our dog dying. Each one hurts, but two so close together was more difficult.

I thought that I saw our dog out of the corner of my eye on his dog bed. Felt a keening sadness and then he was gone. And I feel better. Who knows but perhaps that was his spirit moving on.

I am going on the boat next week. Three days of much needed nothingness except sea and sky and wind.  Heaven to me.

My horse received the silver medal at a show. He is really a star.  I am going to the barn to ride him shortly. Maybe a pasture canter today and no ring work. He deserves everything.

C. has been having stress related restless leg syndrome.  So to relieve this, she works in the garden all day, takes a warm whirlpool bath in the evening, and reads.  I am rest broken from it so when it is bad I sleep in a different room which I am not happy about.  I miss hugging her.

Two years ago I went to Mexico and still think about going back. I would like to camp in the desert.  Maybe soon....

The garden is amazing so far.  Dug potatoes last evening.  Been picking black berries and making healthy shakes from them and strawberries.  A cool spring has helped.

My new sponsee gets it.  I am grateful for that. So much easier to have someone who is willing.

Hope that you have a good Sunday.


  1. Such sadness to lose two companions so closely together. I have no doubt you saw that sweet spirit moving on. These things do happen.
    Your horse is such a beauty! And so are your berries.
    May you find peace on your boat as you always do.

  2. Great pictures of your passions. It's hard losing a pet let alone two so close. It's easy to stare at the door expecting them to be there wanting in but alas it's only in our mind and heart.

    Have a good trip on your boat.

  3. Our pets are like our shadows and when we lose them it is like we lost a part of ourselves. The unconditional love they give can't be matched. I think they are always with us.

  4. I'm sorry for your loss, Syd. No words can relieve your pain. Just know you are not alone.

    I am going to visit my sister in Lenoir, NC this weekend. A small family reunion with siblings. She will be showing off her new garden with may fruits and veggies. I am going to engage myself in some gardening too. To connect with God. Enjoy your voyage. God awaits you there.

  5. Sending love to you, Syd. There are never any words for this. Sometimes it can just feel unbearably sad and overwhelming. Hang in there.

  6. Miss you Syd. Hoping you're standing in the sunlight of the spirit. :)

  7. I lost my dog daughter Lucey about three years ago. I have had about five visits from her in those three years. She circles on my bed then settles down then is gone. My daughter has experienced that also one time before I even mentioned it to her. I am thankful for the visits and glad she was a small dog. I look forward to being with her in the next life.


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