Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello out there

I hope you are all doing well.  Everything is good here. We are in the throes of summer in SC.  The garden is great, the blackberries and blue berries have been picked,  the flowers in the gardens are beautiful.  The only problem is the high humidity and high temperatures limit time outside.

We are now dogless, as our last old dog died a couple of months ago.  We talked about getting another dog but decided that we cannot take more heartache when they die.  And we have adjusted to not having our lives revolve around care of a dog.  So I suspect we will remain dogless, unless one decides to come to our door.  And we don't ever refuse to care for an animal.

Sailing, horseback riding, working out at the gym, community activism are all things that I have been doing.  We still go to our meetings.  My sponsor has been coming over on Monday mornings to do some literature study.  That has been really helpful and has helped us to grow closer.

Life just moves too quickly anymore.  There is no way to slow it down.  I am sending good wishes to each of you who are still faithfully blogging.  It makes me smile to know that you are still out there sharing your life and story with people.

We send you our love.


  1. Oh, Syd! Hello! I have thought about you and your wife so many times and wondered how you were. I am glad that you are busy and well although I am sorry to hear about your dog situation. It's hard, isn't it?
    Anyway, please know you are thought of often and fondly and love back to you and your bride.

  2. So good to have an update from you! Wishing you well!!!

  3. A treat to find a recent post. I have truly appreciated your thoughtful posts over the years. Thank you! Lori

  4. Lotsa love to you both, sounds like a perfectly peaceful way to pass the days.

  5. Hello Syd,

    It is so good to hear from you. I am sorry about your dog but as a fellow animal lover we know that time will come, just relish in the memories.

    Life does move fast. I retired also and it seems I am busier now than when I worked. I cannot imagine how I had time to work.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy, Ron

  6. The thing about you Syd is that I am a little sad we don't hear from you more often but I feel pretty confident that you are really doing OK. I am glad for you and it gives me hope.

  7. So happy to hear from you. I've missed your posts but know that's because you're in a good place and I'm happy for that. Love the updates and pictures whenever you get a chance. Your horse is beautiful and I'm sad about your dogs. That's such a hard thing.

  8. Syd, my secretly famous friend!! 😉 It is so nice to hear from you!! I am so happy that everything is well. What a lovely picture you shared with us. And I can't fathom you being dogless, but it does eventually and sadly happen that way. The dad and I talk about the day when we will only have one dog at home. Thank you for checking in with are missed and thought of!

  9. Hi Syd! So glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry to hear about the dog. It is unbelievably painful to lose our furry family.

    The photo is beautiful.

  10. So good to hear from you, Syd. Much love to you and C.

    Keep coming back~


  11. hi Syd! I too have been far away from bloggersville but have visited this week as I contemplate my 10th sober anniversary. Wanted to say Hi and thank you for your support in my early recovery. Certainly helped me to visit Alanon in recent years as my journey progresses. Good to know you are well. Peace :)


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