Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Sponsor's 15th anniversary

Tonight at the Al-Anon meeting, we celebrated my sponsor's 15th anniversary in the program. The story of recovery of this remarkable person was truly touching. I felt so many emotions as I listened. I heard about the trauma of living with hurt from family and wanting to depend on the alcoholic; there was the complete crash as a result of so much pain; and there were the early months of recovery in Al-Anon in which the ego fought back; and finally there was acceptance and forgiveness. I don't think that there is a finer human being and I am so very glad that this person is there to guide me with my character defects and the defective characters in my life. I only hope that some day, I'll have a thimble full of my sponsor's wisdom and serenity. One of the most unique parts of the evening was the exchange of chips in which my sponsor received a 15 year chip. It was the chip of the person who sponsors my sponsor and was being passed along. That brought tears to my eyes.


  1. Hi, the beautiful Tab sent me. :)

    Wow, it sounds like a lot of beautiful living happening. I am grateful for the family members of Al-Anon. I do wish I discovered it as a child (my dad is affected up until today, he is dying a slow death) but I had to walk my path. Al-Anon has helped my sweetheart gain strength and understanding of how sick I was, and how sick her was as a result of my daily drinking.

    Congrats to your sponsor, 15 years, WOW, that is magical!

  2. Amazing!!! I too have a sponsor I am proud of! I can't wait to work more with her! I am an Al-Anon and I am also sent by Tab! I have gained so much strength in Al-Anon. I am so grateful for what it has taught me. Teaching me how to live. The addict is out of my life now, but the effects are so long instilled in me, and I've gained so much more of a life since I started in recovery almost two years ago now.

    Congrats to your sponsor and keep coming back!!!


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