Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happiness is......

I remember the book Happiness is a Warm Puppy. It conjured up that kind of childlike happiness that most of us long for. I haven't thought about the warm puppy kind of happiness in a long time. The book is about appreciating the little things in life that make us happy. Thinking about that child hood book is a reminder that it is possible (and maybe necessary) to find happiness in things that may be overlooked. One of the pages from the book that I think fits my life is the one that shows Linus working on a jigsaw puzzle: "Happiness is finding the little piece with the pink edge and part of the sky and the top of the sailboat."

I know that somewhere along the way I came to think that happiness meant having more things, a bigger house, a nicer car and recognition for my work. The truth is that none of that is what makes me happy. I think that my happiness comes from accepting myself for who I am, and not being dependent on others to bring me happiness. It's a form of surrender for me. I've always wanted to be loved, yet never loved myself. I thought that if I loved someone else enough, they would love me back. I looked for my happiness through the eyes of others. I'm not saying that I always am self-accepting. However, I appreciate so many more things today and find that I'm more appreciative of myself and what I think and feel. I want to keep the kind of simple happiness in my life that comes from the small things.


  1. How beautiful Syd, you sound great! For me definately it is possible and neccesary to find joy in the little things. Like "happiness is petting a kitty until it purrs". I'm lovin this post, and you too today!

  2. It really is all a matter of perception and attitude... yesterday I wept for joy while running because I realized I wasn't in pain - for the first time in months.
    Thanks so much for not only blogging, but blogging consistently. I really appreciate your thoughtful writing.

  3. If this is what Al-anon is giving you....I'm thinking wow, I need it. What a great post.

  4. cool. yep. i find i can be very unaware of the things i look forward to in the course of the day simply because I am not looking out for them. the small things. yeah. you do really need to make an effort to notice them. otherwise we just dont see them. I am amazed how much happiness i get from my playful cat. silly. but she's a real source of joy. beautiful architecture does it for me too. and peaceful silence. a full moon. starry might. falling blossom petals at this time of year, and the evening fragrance of trees and verdent foliage. the 'little' things are pretty cool really. thanks for the reminder.

  5. The aches in my legs I'm feeling because the weather has been warm enough for me to resume walking to my AA meetings in the mornings have made me smile the entire weekend long.

    It really doesn't take much to fill this girl's heart when I'm focused on the right things. Your post is spot on.

  6. My next door neighbor has a housefull of little kids and now 3 dogs, a momma and 2 puppies (but they're big). That's a lot of barking. But this morning i looked out the window and mom and pup were lying together in the sun, chewing on the same stick. That was happiness for all of us.

  7. Yes...we have 2 dogs, and they keep my mind occupied. I don't know what I do without my fuzz therapy!

  8. Hi Syd,

    Recovery Archive, aka Irish Pal linked up 2 here. I've seen u post, so heart felt are your words.

    If anything I am grateful for the program of Al-Anon. I wish I had discovered this as a tenn, for my dad is a true alcoholic and I never understood why my love was not enough. Now I am at the other side, in a relationship that creates those same feelings on my other.

    Anyhow, I truly appreciate your post and will be visitng you. So much truth here, thank you for exposing it.

  9. I sooo appreciate you reminding me of this.. thank you Syd... LOL I had a bad day today and changed it when blogging because I focused on my gratitude. I am gotta start making that part of my morning meditation.

    You are soo cool Syd!


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