Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stepping the mast

Today I worked on stepping the mast. There are shrouds and stays that had to be straightened out and the mast pinned. It is a heavy lifting job to get the mast stepped and pinned. One of the problems was that after pulled the boat from the water to my yard, I had to find a clear spot that didn't have a tree canopy. That was a problem because there are a lot of trees here.

In short, it made things much more difficult because every time I nearly got the mast raised, I'd run into a large branch. So then the mast would have to be lowered and the boat moved slightly. I finally gave up and decided just to clean the boat and save the raising until tomorrow.

I'm making small steps with the boat. I have missed going to my meetings and will go tomorrow. I need to make some small steps in my program and attitude as well.


  1. Ah bless. Sounds like you are slaving away there Syd..hope it all comes along nicely.

  2. Syd,
    I gather from your posts that you're a bit of a like to be alone and work alone!
    Nothing is more satisfying than a job well done.
    Sometimes we do our best work when we're alone...and no need for chatter or politeness.
    I'm glad you have a passion! I feel a lot of people are unhappy because they have no passion, no reason to wake up in the morning, no work to lose themselves in. Somehow along the way they lost their dreams and don't know what they want anymore. Life can be dull and empty without a 'reason for being.'
    I'm glad you finally got your boat!


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