Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Electric communication

Today there was an electrical storm at sea. Lots of rain and flash lightening all around. I've felt electric today as well. Filled with a lot of energy and not many ways to displace it. I cleaned up the entertainment room because it was so disorganized. It's not my job, but I just needed to do something while the CTD and AUV were down.

The AUV is an experimental device, shaped like a torpedo, that moves close to the bottom and sends back signals that give a three-dimensional profile of the bottom. It sends back data that will allow scientists to map the bottom, determine where vulnerable habitats such as deep water corals are, and generally get more information about habitats that could be potential marine protected areas. This is a multi-million dollar piece of equipment that is very complex. There is a team on board just to tweak the AUV. Unfortunately, it's not wanting to communicate with the surface at the current moment. It essentially has a mind of it's own at this point.

It's tempting to make the comparison between man and machine here. Communication is essential with all things. I see so many opportunities for better communication out here, among the scientists and the crew. I see opportunities in my job at work and in my life at home. Yet, there is always the fear that gets in the way. The perceived threats to one's ego. The stubborness that wants to keep everything so bottled up. If we would just let go and open up our minds and our feelings, everything would work so much better. I have more hours today to see how well I can work with others out here in this small universe. I'll keep my communication open and the electricity buzzing.


  1. ..remember the song Grease Lightning?'s in my head now!
    You sound fab Syd..keep doing what you are doing and if you and your little sea floor robot thingy finds a treasure chest filled with precious jewels's mine!

  2. Syd,
    Yes the 'ego' can be a big pain sometimes. It does get in the way.
    It should be mandatory that everyone go on a retreat for at least a week a year. Wouldn't that be great!
    I like the fact you cleaned the entertainment room.
    It seems I hear the phrase 'it's not my job' every day wherever I go. I really like your attitude.

  3. you find treasure and you'll find relatives you never knew you had...or should I say they'll find you.

  4. Thanks for sharing today, Syd.

  5. Syd, you have a life others only dream of, thanks for telling us about it.

  6. You are a reminder of all the things that life has to offer and how small my world can be. It makes me a little sad to think of the worlds vastness and how much I will never get to see. Reading your blog takes me to those places - so thank you for sharing again.

  7. WOW. I didnt realize you were still on the boat. Cool

  8. It's always interesting when we get with people who aren't used to the way we communicate from the heart in the program. I'm so glad I even know how to say what I'm feeling..... maybe your open heart will set an example.

  9. you sound full of enthusiasm today! this trip has been good for you I think. Lots of reflection


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