Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday all day

I had a really good day today. It started when I went to the beach this morning taking one of the dogs and just walked in the water. The beach is nearly deserted in the early morning. I watched the cargo ships coming and going into port, glad that I wasn't on one for the time being, but wondering where they were heading.

After the beach, I visited with a friend, went to lunch and then went to look at some boats at a nearby marina. Boats are something that I'm interested in and am thinking about buying one that I can sleep on. There's a nice one that I've been looking at in Deltaville, Virginia--25 feet, aluminum hull, low hours on the diesel engine, sleeps four. Then, there is a 22 foot Catalina sailboat available that also sleeps four, has a small galley, is trailerable and is in good shape. I like to think about anchoring in a cove and just listening to the waves slapping on the hull.

Finally, at the end of the day I went to my meeting. The topic was about slogans:
First things first
Live and Let Live
Listen and Learn
One Day at a Time
Let Go and Let God
How Important is It?
Keep it Simple
Progress not perfection
Take what you need and leave the rest
Easy does it
Let it begin with me
Principles above personalities
and others.

It was the 7 year birthday for one of our group who is a very special and kind lady. I feel relaxed and grateful for having this day be filled with a lot of happy things.


  1. {{what a fab post Syd}}Did you take that picture?

  2. great day and great picture. LOVE the sound of the early morning deserted beach!

  3. Those slogans saved my life. And others.

  4. Sometimes slogans really annoy the piss out of me. I realize they are helpful, but sometimes they just seem so pedantic and condescending. It is my problem more than anyone else's. I do like "let it begin with me" and "progress not perfection" though.

  5. Thanks for the reminder of the slogans. They may be simple in words but are so valuable for us complex people in recovery :)

    My license frame to my jeep says "One day at a time, Easy does it" along with my license plate "SOBR8T"

    Your soul appears to be as calm as those waves caressing the shoreline.

  6. The slogans really are COOL. I have come to love them.

    I love the one..

    "Just for Today".


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